Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tune in tomorrow

So I had this clever idea of doing a couple of blogs based on my favourite pictures that I've taken.

"This shan't take long," I thought. Of course, going through the 4,000 odd pictures on my hard drive does take a bit of time and after awhile you become goggly eyed and need a break. Sadly, I kind of committed to the idea for today and have nothing else to blog about.

So tune in tomorrow when I will have a list of my top 10 day favourite photos that I've taken will debut. Or at least pictures 10-6.

Last Five
1. Take a look - Liz Phair
2. Sacrifice - Oh Susanna*
3. Silver bulletts - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
4. The real Slim Shady - Eminem
5. Don't let the sun go down on me (live) - Elton John and Billy Joel

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