Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blogging HQ

I love the surprises Iqaluit throws at me sometimes.

In the run of a year I get a few emails regarding moving to Iqaluit. It's one of the reasons why I set up the FAQ. But even with that, I still get emails, which is cool. I've chatted with a few people over the years. I keep expecting to run into some of these people when they hit town, but it rarely seems to happen. I'm not blaming them...I'm bad at following up emails once they hit town. But I imagine once people hit town, they get caught up in work and meet new people through there.

So far this year there's been a nice influx of new bloggers to take up the slack of some of the bloggers who left over the summer. And of course I noticed that Jordan and Stephanie were coming up and very excited by the idea. I figured I would run into them in town at some point.

Then, a couple of days ago I noticed a new woman coming into our apartment building when I was taking Boo out for a walk. She looked kind of familiar, but I couldn't place her. I said hi and thought nothing more of it.

Then I noticed a couple of things over on their blog. The first was a post saying they thought they saw me in their building. And then, because I'm slow on the uptake, I looked at one of their earlier posts, a video of their new apartment. And I thought, "gee that place looks familiar."

That would be because Jordan and Stephanie have moved into our old apartment. The one we moved out of less than a year ago.

Like I said, I love Iqaluit.

I actually went downstairs and introduced myself. Well, to Jordan anyway. Stephanie was asleep. Nice guy. Of course, all of their stuff just arrived so the apartment looked extra eerily familiar. I remember the times when we had to try and cram all of our belongings into that place and what the place looked like.

Still, it's nice to have a fellow blogger in the building. In fact, I think Iqaluit can now officially take the "Blogging Capital of Nunavut" from Arctic Bay and situate it here. Actually, I wonder if with two bloggers in the same building if this is not Nunavut Blogging HQ. Or the Command Centre. Cathy's fond of the Blogging Batcave, but I'm not so sure.

Anyway, if people have any idea of what we should call the place, chip in. Meanwhile, welcome to the madhouse that is Iqaluit, guys. Nice to have you here.

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2. Two of us - The Beatles
3. Trains - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
4. Passing afternoon - Iron & Wine
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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if we should quite award Iqaluit with the title of Nunavut's Blogging Capital yet. Cape Dorest has several regular bloggers, and both Rankin and Pang are creeping up there as well. Perhaps a poll is in order, or a blogger per population study.

I'm not quite ready to have the title wrested from hands quite yet. Sure it's just me and a pretty much defunct photoblog up here now, but there's still time to recruit others. Of course this could be just the ravings of a bitter old man.

There is a precedence to two bloggers in the same building before, at least one. Darcy and Kendra lived side by side in a four plex here last year. But that is pretty cool how you and Jordan and Stephanie all ended up in the same spot.

As for what to call it I think you need something urbane and sophisticated to call it. How about "The Blogger's Den" or you could use "Blogtopia", and I like Cathy's suggestion, but perhaps shortening it to "The Blogcave" would be in order.

Megan said...

Clearly, this needs to be settled. I volunteer to help if you need a disinterested party.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Definitely Batcave!

Jordan~Stephanie said...

How can I not chime in here?

Thank you again for coming down the other day. It was great to finally meet you and chat with you about all sorts. We've definitely taken your advice when it comes to taking part in Mass Registration on the 12th. Maybe we'll all head down together!

As far as this being the new Command Past, we're all for it. If two heads are better than one well, 20 fingers are better than 10! We can't really register too much of a vote since we've only just arrived still and we've only taken an interest in blogging since May. I feel like we don't meet the requirements but, if we do ... we're voting our building in!

Names eh? . . .hmmm. Here are my contributions:

- Captians Blog! (...although, I'm pro Star Wars)

- Confederation Blog Cabin
- The Backstreet Blog
- Egg Blog

I'm kidding!!


Jordan~Stephanie said...

whoa, whoa . . .

i would just like to clarify that i wasn't napping all day while jordan unpacked our stuff . . . i was on nights! how sad that shift workers always feel the need to defend our wonky sleep habits!

very disappointed i wasn't able to meet you properly! hopefully we can get together soon - jordan mentioned the possibility of a wii challenge?! you're on! haha

- steph

towniebastard said...

He did mention you were working nights and "a hurricane couldn't wake you up." :) So I am sorry if I gave the impression that you were lazing the day away.

I have the world of respect for people who can work 12 hour night shifts, especially in a job that can be as stressful as yours.

And we will happily beat you guys up in the Wii or board game of your choice.

Matthew and Michele said...

I think a study is in order. I do like the blogger per population study.

Cape Dorset boggers rule!

I vote for "The Blogcave".

Tara Muise said...

'The Blogcave', I like it. Iqaluit capital? Not so sure about that per capita. Go Pang!