Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quick hits

So a quick hit kind of morning. I might try and write something more substantial later, but I'm actually back to writing my novel again, so that might take away some of my focus.


1. It's municipal election day in Newfoundland. If you live in St. John's then I strongly encourage you to vote for Simon Lono in the Councillor-at-Large race. And on the off-chance you happen to live in Clarenville, I strongly recommend you vote for Lisa Browne as mayor (oh, and Eph Carpenter as a councillor, but that's because he's the father of a good friend of mine).

I reiterate the same point I always make in elections....they are your certificate to bitch and complain about that level of government until the next election. So go out there and vote.

2. Stats Canada came out with their quarterly population numbers for Canada. I always find numbers like this fascinating. I think I would have liked a job at Stats Canada if only I didn't suck so completely at all things math related.

Anyway, Canada's population is up 33,739,859; that's about 100,000 more people than in April (the survey went from April 1 to July 1). But the numbers that most interested me were, of course, Newfoundland and Nunavut. Shockingly, Newfoundland and Labrador was up about 1,400 people to 508,925. I'm not going to sing hymn of praise quite yet. I've seen bumps in those population numbers before only to have them crash later. And hey, I know of at least three other people (and a pretty evil looking cat) who have moved to Newfoundland since then.

As for Nunavut it gained 218 people and the population of the territory stands 32,183. Also interesting is that the Yukon only has 1.500 more people than Nunavut and this territory's population is growing at a rate more than double the Yukon's. So at some point in the next decade, I suspect, Nunavut will no longer be the smallest territory in terms of population.

Which is lovely and all, we just need to be able to handle all of those extra people up here. So far, let's just say efforts to address that have been...shaky.

3. Your cheap shot of the day - Pamela Anderson is denying she's broke and deeply in debt. God, I hope she won't have to do anything demeaning to make that money up.

Yes, it is a cheap shot and I try to do better than that. But I have special hatred in my heart for her. I also don't understand the appeal. She was cute for 5 minutes 20 years ago before she became Frankenstein's monster. Anyone who would find that...thing attractive is severely touched in the head. And yes, I know you can love someone for their personality. However, this is Pamela Anderson, so you know, personality?

4. I suppose I should stop doing entertainment based posts, since no one really seems to care much about them. I base that on the lack of comments on the last few posts. But the Roman Polanski case is proving to have more depth to it than I thought. I'd never cared much about it one way or another. I thought it was pretty open and shut. He raped a 13 year old girl and fled the United States rather than face jail time. And pleas for clemency from supporters using excuses that he'd already been through so much in his life - from escaping concentration camps and the murder of his first wife by the Manson family - fell on deaf ears with me. Lots of people have horrible things happen to them. That doesn't give you carte blanche to do terrible things.

"My wife was murdered, so it's all right if I drug, rape and sodomize this 13 year old girl." Nooooo, I don't think so.

But reading this New York Times story does putting a grayer shade on things. His victim has long since forgiven him. The US has had other chances to grab him and never had until now. And he fears LA judges are corrupt and biased against him, especially since he's convinced one was going to change his mind on the plea agreement from the 70s. I don't know about that one...it seems a bit weak.

Still, I think he has to come back to the US and face the music. If the woman in question wants to stand up and say I forgive him and don't want him to go to jail, well, I think that carries some weight in his sentencing. But he's dodged this bullet for too many years. Maybe it is more complicated than it first appears, but I still think he needs to stand up in court and explain himself.

Anyway, we shall see. But I don't think I would let him out on bail. That's just silly. If you ever wanted a poster child for "Flight Risk" I think you have one in Polanski.

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Anonymous said...

God speed with the book townie. I for one will pre order on Amazon. Love your entertainment update. Utter truths them all. Paul

SRD said...

Roman Polanski...all I remember is Mrs Callahan thinking it pretty racey to show us Romeo and Juliet. Anyway, according to more recent reports, the US has tried to get him arrested in a bunch of places but failed, which I guess puts the Switzerland thing in context. It's not that I don't like your entertainment posts, its just that i don't get them. I've only ever heard of one of the TV shows and never seen any of them. On the other hand, shortly after your post, I found stories about the 'new' beatles album, the 'rockstar' game etc all over the place....[not that I read any of them]...

WJM said...

I'm not going to sing hymn of praise quite yet.

The population bump from in-migration happens during every recession.

Out-migration hasn't really slowed down. Actually, it hasn't slowed down at all. International migration is stable at best; the last two quarters have been slightly worse for international immigration than the same time last year.

And the imbalance of deaths over births is trending in death's favour. This was the third consecutive quarter of natural population decline (more deaths than births). Six of the last seven, and eight of the past eleven quarters have seen negative natural population change. One more quarter, and there'll have been a full year of it - the first time for any province, I believe.

The only thing that's causing population growth is net in-migration, largely driven by people moving in from Alberta and Ontario.

Two guesses as to what's driving that. First doesn't count.

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Christa said...

I loved looking at the Stats Can numbers! Very cool. :D I hadn't realised how close to a million NS was getting.