Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ahhhh, Fall

So a couple of weeks ago it started to snow on Labour Day weekend. Now, this really shouldn't have caught me off-guard. Snow happens up here. We live in arctic. Snow is not exactly an unusual occurrence. I think the only month we can reliably not expect to get some snow in this part of the world is July. And even then, I wouldn't want to take bets on that happening.

Still, there was some whining, angsting and general bitching and moaning. Parts of Ontario were getting a late season heatwave; we were getting flurries.

However, a good friend of mine in town put it in perspective. Apparently tiring of the general freaking out taking place among Iqaluitmuit on Facebook and Twitter that day did a collective slap across the face and told people to "get the fuck over it."

Which, you know, fair point. It was just a few flurries, after all. It melted quickly enough. I figured it was going to be Thanksgiving at least before we saw any significant snowfall actually stick around. Hell, it's not unheard of for the snow to hold off staying around until November. No need to freak out.

Besides, there's the Iqaluit Early Warning System when it comes to snow. Generally, you look to the hills off on the other side of the bay. When the tops of them are covered with snow for a few days, you can give yourself two weeks, give or take a few days, before you know you're going to get snow that's sticking around until June.

Yeah, so much for plans. It started snowing Thursday night and next thing you know on Friday, we're getting a heavy snowfall warning. And the winds are kicking up nicely so there is a genuinely unpleasant day happening outside.

Then we wake up this morning to a winter wonderland. Probably about 15 cm of snow. There's a drift where the truck was parked over night. This is the view from our windows.

Oh well, at least one member of the household seemed to enjoy the return of the snow.

And just because I had the camera and was feeling artsy, one more. I suspect a few boats might be pulled out of the water this weekend.

It could melt in a few days, of course. It's milder today and getting slushier. But I don't think it's all going to go. So welcome to the view out my window until June. Well, except the bay is going to start to freeze at some point in the next few weeks, of course.

So for those of you down south grousing about temperatures dropping below 10C.....bite me.

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