Monday, September 28, 2009


I swear to God I would watch Craig Ferguson more often if only he wasn't on so bloody late. And yes, I am unemployed and can stay up late, but I think sleeping in every day is not a good thing to do during this lull in my employment status.

So anyway, for those of you at work on a Monday and thinking to yourself, dear God, I could really use something to cheer me up, here is Ferguson doing my absolute favourite They Might be Giants song, "Istanbul".

(h/t to The Beat for pointing it out)

Last Five
1. The story so far - Flogging Molly
2. Hands of time - Ron Sexsmith
3. Danse les belles filles communistes - The Kremlin
4. I'm sticking with you - Velvet Underground
5. Wild honey - U2


Pat the Wench said...

Craig Ferguson is made of awesome. I needed that today; I'm home suffering from Captain Trips.

Angela said...

That is unbelievably hilarious. Thanks! :)