Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A post for a stormy night

An assortment for a blustery evening outside. I was debating catching a movie, but with the wind and the snow, I think I'm going to stick close to the house this evening. It's warm and cozy in here. Let's just say Boo isn't getting his 9 pm walk this evening.

1. Cathy is arguing that if I'm only posting one or twice a week that I ought to give up the blog and shut it down, that I should be blogging at least every two days. Thoughts?

2. A story for Ed that might amuse/annoy him - Ketchum Public Relations has added Danny Williams to their Hall of Fame of "Canada’s newsmakers and ranked their communications efforts in terms of skill, colorfulness and effectiveness." They gave him particular praise for how he handled his health issue earlier the year and for his good-bye speech.

3. Speaking of Ed, he handicaps the potential PC leadership contenders. All I can say to that is god help us all with Joan Burke, who did such a disastrous job with the MUN presidential search that if you're an alumni of the university you should want nothing to do with her as premier of the province. I know a lot of smart people who truly loathe Jerome Kennedy. And the notion of Premier Steve Kent, at this stage of the game, is hilarious.

I keep hoping he's wrong about Beth Marshall, about the only one of the candidates listed there who would have a prayer of actually doing a good job of running the province. The rest all have the feel of lambs being fattened for the slaughter when the province's political/cult of personality cycle kicks in and the Liberals take their turn in power in 2015.

4. Completely unrelated to the rest, but I have my new "I hate this commercial, hit mute and will never buy the product and, in fact, if I ever find the ad guy who created it I will do terrible, terrible things to him." It's the Merci chocolates ads. They just rub my last nerve raw.

Last Five
1. You make my dreams - Hall & Oates
2. Jodi Rae - Colleen Power*
3. You got me rocking - Rolling Stones
4. Classic cars - Bright eyes
5. U.S. 41 - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


Clare said...

1) Its a blog, not a job. Write when you want and have something to say. You'll pop up on feed readers and most of us will stick around. That said, get off your ass and write more. We enjoy reading what you have to say.

2) Who's Danny Williams?

3 and 4. I've got nothing.

Megan said...

We have to pick between getting you a couple of times a week and never getting you at ALL?

I've got you in my RSS reader, so I'll be here whenever you post.

Edward Hollett said...

If you read my post on Danny's departure, Craig, you'll know I think he is an incredibly effective politician.

What I've been commenting on for four years is how he's been doing it. You have to be amazingly effective if you can get all sorts of people to believe things that are not true.

And you have be even better again if some of those same people actually argue that black is white for him.

Sarah said...

You will have help with the Merci ad guy murder - I want to RIP my ears from my head. I'm glad I'm not alone, I thought I was being really irrational.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Personally ... I read when you post. I'd miss it if you stopped completely but I also ( as a blogger too) don't see the point in posting every day if there's nothing to post about.

I'd rather have 2-3 great posts a week than so so daily posts just because you feel you HAVE to post.

It's a blog not a job.

2, 3 ....no comment really,

4. I don't know that we get the same commercials, here thy are okay. But since we so rarely watch TV on TV I miss out on the fun of being bombarded by ads.

Fi, in boring North Germany

SRD said...

If you stop blogging, I'd have to read your facebook page to find out what's going on. Please don't do that to me!

Jennith said...

I agree with Megan and Clare. I don't know very many people who post with your frequency (even at twice a week) - I say keep blogging, even if its intermittent. I hardly blogged at all last year, but I seem to be back on track this year. The Nunavut Blogosphere would definitely lose out if you quit it entirely.

Rachel said...

You can't shut it down! I JUST found it and I'm going to need a while to read it all :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop! I've been reading you for the last couple of years and look everyday if you have posted or not. I would truly miss you if you stopped. As someone that lives in a remote community in Labrador, it's fun to read about other people's issues that are so strangely similar to ours here! LOL

joe said...

Why would you do a punk thing like shut down your blog? Just as curling season heats up? I haz a sad. Who is this Craig fellow, by the way?

Tara Muise said...

omg...for some reason my feed dropped you and said you hadn't updated since nov.28. it sounded like something was 'rotten in the state of denmark', so i just had to check it out. are you really thinking of quitting?

p.s. you still have 'Pangnirtung Bound' on your blogroll - that's me!! i'm in qikiqtarjuaq now and my address is: www.thedailymuise.com

keep writing whenever you get the chance!!

Little Red Hen said...

4. The one that makes me laugh is where buddy runs to catch the girl before the train pulls out of the station. A box of chocolates? Gee, thanks.

Matthew said...

I concur with most of the above. It's a blog, not a job. I routinely take a month off from blogging. Don't seem to make any differences to the hits on the site and it can get tiring thinking you have to blog all the time.

Still I would like to get 2-3 good post or photos a week instead of taking long stretches off to focus the mind. Still if you don’t feel like blogging it’s not a job.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to tell me I might have to come up there and do to you what I promised to do to you on our way back from the Shipping News movie set? And, yes, I still have the telephoto lens, which hasn't been put to good use in several years. It's still capable of knocking some sense into you.
Don't stop blogging.I hate TV and I don't have a Facebook account. You are my preferred source of entertainment. And I would miss your sarcasm.
So, listen to your former boss - and your wife, and your followers - and keep on blogging(follow their advice and write when you feel moved). There's just too much going on out there that requires your unique wit.

towniebastard said...

Ladies and gentlemen, you are all awesome, and thanks for the kind words. However, I would like to single out the previous comment was from Barb, my former editor. I've stated many times that she is awesome, and now you see one more reason why this is the case.

I say this even though she's owes me a freelance check...;)