Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of sloth days

Cathy is fearing for my sanity as I head back to work tomorrow. For the past four days we've essentially done nothing other than lounging around the house and watching movies. Today we started a Pixar marathon. It's the first time we've watched Finding Nemo since we came back from Australia, so that was fun and kind of weird. It's also interesting to see how well the movies hold up. Computer animation has come a long way in the past decade, but Toy Story and Monsters Inc. would still be state of the art if released today.

I'm sure we should have, and could have, done more the past few days. I feel mildly bad not having some people over. However, the thought occurs to me that I have not had four days in a row off to do nothing since April. It's just the way things have gone at work. I haven't taken any vacation time since I started my current job other than a day here or there. But even then it was to do things like our sea lift or to do some Christmas shopping in Ottawa.

So yeah, four days of sloth, I needed it more than I thought. It's been needed to recharge the batteries. Cathy's concern is that after four days of sleeping in until 10 am most mornings waking up at 7am tomorrow is going to be particularly brutal. She might be right. But I'm not sure I knew how much I needed some time off. So I'll take a rough morning tomorrow as payment for four days of just relaxing.

Oh, and the sharp-eyed among you may notice I've made a few changes to the blog lists on the sidebar. I killed a couple of dead and spamming blogs and added a few new ones. As always, take a moment to give the new blogs a gander. It's a good blogging community in Nunavut and it's always interesting to have a look at what other people think.

Which reminds me, Clare will be starting to run the Nunies in the next week or so. Check his blog to see the start of nominations and figure out who you might like to vote for. I'm defending champ as Best Blog, but given my output this past year I doubt I'm going to repeat. But you never know...

Last Five
1. The union forever - White Stripes
2. Ancestor's song - Robbie Robertson
3. Ah, me - Amelia Curran*
4. The luxury (live) - Tragically Hip
5. Flower - Liz Phair


-N- said...

Darn, I think you deleted mine. :-( I think most of my new readers came from your site's link... ah well, back to obscurity... ;-)

Ailo said...


Just browsing through your blog - good stuff! Found it through a Republic of Doyle thread on an Irish forum.

We had a pixar marathon over Christmas too - it was my first time watching Finding Nemo - unreal good! You should check out the Pixar Story - movie about Pixar goes through the development of graphics and 3d movies. Worth watching.