Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas parade

If you wanted one picture to sum up the week that was in Iqaluit, this is probably it.

Yes, it's a man waiting for the start of Iqaluit's Santa Claus Parade in shorts while drinking a Tim Horton's coffee. Any other year, this man would clearly have been a lunatic from down south somewhere, just off the plane, who didn't know any better. This year, for all I know, he's lived up here 10 years.

By the way, the forecast for the next three days - -1C, 0C, -1C.

So yes, the parade yesterday. The Santa Claus Parade in Iqaluit tends to be a brief affair and the floats aren't necessarily flashy. But it's fun and noisy and there's Santa, so it's a good thing. A few pictures from the event.

(Yes, even Polar Man was there)

Last Five
1. 38 years old - The Tragically Hip
2. Get behind the mule (live) - Tom Waits
3. The promise - Tracy Chapman
4. Them and me - Brendan Benson
5. Private investigations (live) - Dire Straits


Anonymous said...

I thought you guys would see Santa around the neighbourhood all the time. Coming to town to hit the Tim Horton's, etc...

Jo said...

I lived in Iqaluit in '94-'95. I was Nanook the polar bear in the Santa Claus parade that year. Polar Man was Polar Boy then. Wow.

Anonymous said...

You finally updated the Flag. Nice.

Pleaase tell me that you were at the end of your driveway watching the parade. That would rock.


SRD said...

Meanwhile the UK is snowed in with Edinburgh at -14 last night. Most snow since 1963 (c.30 cm). Earliest snow since 1993, etc.

Jennith said...

its properly arctically cold in Baker Lake right now - heading for the -50 C with windchill range as the wind picks up and the mercury (or computer thermocouple more likely these days) falls to lows of -36 C

Good for the ecosystem.... but chilly

Matthew said...

Things are a bit cooler in Cape Dorset the last couple of days with high winds.

I actually had to put on my ski pants!

Water still has not froze.