Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bon Jovi continues to suck

As I type this, on December 15 it's 0C outside. Normal seasonal high is -19C. And it's going to be above 0 for the next couple of days. So all that stuff I was writing about the other day regarding Omega Blocks and should probably disregard it. I don't think anyone knows what the hell is going on anymore. And when climate scientists are essentially throwing their hands up and going "we have no bloody idea what's happening with you guys" then you should probably just resign yourself to the end of the world.

I'd make a will, but really, who would I leave my stuff to?

(By the way, this is the cue for one of the many lawyers I'm friends with to show up and yell at me that I don't have a will drawn up.)

On to other news. A few months ago I ranted about Bon Jovi being on the short list of acts up for admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which I considered  travesty and that anyone who would vote to put them in ahead of Tom Waits needed a swift boot to the head. Well today, my friends, cosmic justice prevailed as Waits was admitted to the Hall and Bon Jovi gets to continue to suck from the outside.

I don't even have a problem with Neil Diamond being admitted. This is a shocking thing to admit, but one of my favourite recordings of the past decade is his "12 Songs". I'll take that over any of his other, cheesier stuff from the 70s any day of the week. It's a fantastic recording and I strongly encourage you to listen to it. Anyone who can make something that fantastic towards the end of his career is all right in my books. Who knows, maybe Bon Jovi might produce something that doesn't suck one day and I'll have to reconsider.

However, I am not holding my breath.

And finally, in the "Yes, Iqaluit is that small" Cathy was out walking the dog this morning and rant into one of the new neighbours who are in the process of moving in just down the street from us. They chatted briefly, with Cathy welcoming him to the neighbourhood. He said thanks and then pointed out our house, saying something along the lines "You live there right? That's Townie Bastard's house."

At which point Cathy sighed and introduced herself as Mrs. Bastard.

You know, it's not every wife who would introduce herself in such a manner.

Anyway, the new arrivals are bloggers as well. So welcome to the neighbourhood, Aida. If you need a cup of sugar, don't hesitate to come on up and knock on the door.

Last Five
1. Sweet illusion - Ryan Adams
2. She's a rainbow - Rolling Stones
3. I make the money, you get the glory - Kathleen Edwards
4. Us of lesser gods - Flogging Molly
5. The naked ride home - Jackson Browne*


Merly ( aka fiona) said...

It is a small world, you know and your story made me smile. As for Bon husband is a big fan, me not so much. We went to the Hard Rock cafe in Köln and were seated under his ( Jov's) pants. I was a both amused and put off. Wow,the guy was skinny was the only thought that ran through my head.


Cache the Planet said...

While driving around St. John's at around 9 pm last night I noticed a guy running in shorts. I do not understand this weather either...

Aida said...

thanks! moving sucks but i like my new place better than my GN unit except for the darn big dogs roaming around.

love cathy's response! lol, i was chuckling when Frank told me about it.

Morena said...

Suck or not, Bon Jovi has been in business for 30 odd years. That has to count for something. I'm a fan... but I've always admitted I have horrible taste in music.