Thursday, September 23, 2010

Removing blogroll

The astute among you might notice a change on the sidebar. I've removed the Newfoundland and Labrador blogroll listing. This isn't me annoyed with my fellow NL bloggers or streamlining the blog sidebar (which some of you have suggested). It's just that there appears to be, at best, something weird going on with the list. At worst, there could be something malicious going on.

I can't speak for others, but I've noticed it's not been coming up properly on the sidebar for a couple of days now. I thought it was just a glitch that would resolve itself. Except I've now had two people drop me lines telling me they're getting warning when they visit the blog. It reads: "Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!" One of the two mentioned a "rpc.blogrolling" notice thrown in there as well, which I've noticed anytime I've clicked on a link to a NL blog in the last year. I think it's meant as a way to generate a bit of advertising revenue for the blogroll moderator.

Which is fine and all, but if my readers are getting warnings about visiting the blog, well, the list is gone until the blogroll is fixed. I don't care if it's just a silly warning, people aren't going to take the chance of visiting here if there's a piece of malware buried in the blog somewhere.

If you're still getting the warning when visiting the site, please let me know and I'll move on to the next bright idea.

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Adam Snider said...

As one of the people who dropped you a line about the warning, I'll chime in to say that it's no longer showing up.

I generally read the blog through Google Reader, but when I popped in to leave a comment, I noticed the warning. I wonder how long it was showing up prior to that.

Hopefully, they'll fix whatever the problem was.

John Mutford said...

A reader of mine was having the same issue and looked into it for me. Here's the answer he found from rpc.blogrolling, which makes me think the service will never be back:

Jay L said...

Your blog is now OK. Blogs that still include the NL Blogroll are still showing up as harmful in Chrome. ("My Blog, My rules" comes to mind.)

I wonder what the "answer" was that John was posting? it didn't come through.

Jay L said...

aha - got it. Blogrolling is probably dead. -