Monday, September 13, 2010

Dorset preview

So yes, definitely fall in the air out there today. The high today got up to about 5C or so, but with the way the wind was howling around town, it felt a lot cooler than that today. And God help the poor bastards running barges back and forth between the boat in the bay and the beach...assuming they were running today. It was not a nice day to be out on the water.

So yes, Fall. There have been reports of snow flurries by some, but I haven't seen it, therefore it hasn't happened. I'm taking a bit of my wife's famous logic with that argument. And I know it's the arctic, and September, so I should just get over the whole impending arrival of snow. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind a few more weeks before it blankets the ground, meaning the start of the long winter.

Fall does bring things that I do like. I've already mention curling, so I'll spare you that. But the other thing I enjoy is the annual Cape Dorset Print show. I believe it's Saturday, October 16th this year. As regular readers know, we already have two Dorset prints gracing our walls and I'm always on the lookout for more.

But while the print show is still a month away, you can get a preview of what's available. The Dorset website hasn't updated yet, but the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver has the 2010 collection online.

So far there isn't a piece that's making me jump up and down and thinking I need to have it like there was two and three years ago. Even Kenojuak Ashevak's pieces aren't grabbing me. However, it's also difficult to get a proper read on the collection until you actually stand in front of the art work and take a proper look at them. There were pieces in previous years we thought were awesome, but once we looked at them, we lost some of our enthusiasm. And other pieces we didn't think much of but we're blown away when we saw them up close.

The three that are catching my eye right now are:

"Seal Hunter" Cathy and I both like the detail on this one. Also, this one and the next one were done by Ningeokuluk Teevee. We already own her "Owls in Moonlight" so we like her style.

"Blue Walrus" I like this one, I suspect Cathy won't. She didn't like a similar walrus a few years ago that was red. But we'll see. It's also the most expensive and largest of the three.

"Ethereal Flight" We both like this one as well, although Cathy has concerns about putting yet another bird picture up on our wall.

So, what grabs you in this year's collection?

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5. Gimme a sign - Ryan Adams


Simon Lono said...

In ploughing through a stack of possessions rarely touched, I found a set of artworks that I bought in Iqaluit when I worked there and just plain forgot about. I can believe I forgot their quality and beauty that lead me to buy them in the first place. I wish I could go to this fair.

Now I'm off to a frame shop :)

Aida said...

meh, nothing is really screaming "buy me" to me..2 years ago there's a loon print by KA, i regret not getting that one. i still like that very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I preordered plunge from the snow goose here in ottawa.


Trace said...

I prefer the Seal Hunter out of your choices. Ethereal Flight would be a second choice. My favorite is Prowl by Kavavaow Mannomee and I also like the Cradled Loons from the 2009 collection.