Saturday, September 11, 2010


Somehow I completely managed to forget to post that today was Mass Registration day in Iqaluit. I meant to toss it up here so that any locals who read the blog but didn't know it was coming up could go. Ooops. I blame the fact that my life has become insanely busy the last couple of months. Which is good, by the way. It's kind of like exercising...once the muscles stop screaming at you and ask what the hell you're doing, it feels kind of good.

Anyway, yes, Mass Registration today. It went, I think, pretty well. There was a good turnout and at least this year there was space to move around. Last year it was at the Cadet Hall, which is a bit too small for this kind of event. This year they were able to use the Arctic Winter Games Complex (which is no longer sinking into the tundra, which is good) which had a lot more space for people to wander around and socialize.

And yes, this is a backhanded way of sneaking in a curling post. First, if you're interested in curling but didn't get to Mass Registration, no worries. We'll be having some curling clinics next month. It's for beginner curlers to get some help and more experienced curlers to show up and knock some rust off. If you want to circle the dates on the calendar they are Oct. 19, 21 and 23. Or drop me a note and I'll give you more details.

The regular season begins the following week.

It's early, but the season is shaping up quite nicely. We actually ran out of registration forms at the event today. There was a lot of interest and a lot of people pleasantly surprised that we're running free clinics beforehand. We know not everyone knows how to curl, so we figure a week of showing them how to do it and giving them some practice is better than throwing them on the ice and wishing them good luck.

Plus there is the matter that we're starting to make big steps on the national level. Last year we sent teams to our first national championship - The Dominion. We have teams going to that again this November (not me, alas). Also, thanks to a decision by the Canadian Curling Association last summer we will now, slowly, start to gain access to other national. We'll being holding play-offs this season to send a team to the Canadian Mixed Curling Championship in November 2011. Next season we'll be able to send teams to the Senior Men and Women Curling Championship.

We continue to build from there. I don't think we'll be at the Brier or the Scot anytime in the next couple of years, but there is considerable more light in the tunnel now than there has been at any other time. Which is pretty cool.

Now I just have to come up with a team. The heart of my team disappeared last season when Stephanie and Brandon moved away. I essentially have to start from scratch and build a new team. Which is a pain. That was a great team and I had a blast curling with them.

Just a little over a month until I get back on the ice. I was ready for the season to be over in March, but I am looking forward to getting back out there.

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Jaime said...

Wish I was there for more curling, it was definitely one of my highlights of living in Iqaluit!