Monday, September 06, 2010


It's probably never a good thing to come to the end of a long weekend deeply knackered, and yet that's where I find myself. Plus it's going to be another busy week for me. I write this not to ellict any kind of sympathy, by the way. I'm quite happy to be busy and tired. A year ago I was bored quite a bit of the time, and I'm enjoying this quite a bit more.

But I am writing it to explain why there was no blog post yesterday and this one is going to be quite brief. There are actually a couple of things I want to write about this, but I'd like to be a little more coherent when I sit down to write them. For example, I wasn't entirely happy with out the blog post on the judge came out (nor entirely surprised by the traffic looking for naked pictures of her).

So tomorrow or Wednesday you'll get a more coherent post once I get over the next hump.

Last Five
1. Camaro - Kings of Leon*
2. Mardy bum - Arctic Monkeys
3. Pretty boy heaven - Drive
4. Sweet talk, sweet talk - The New Pornographers
5. Don't give up - Alicia Keys and Bono

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