Saturday, September 04, 2010

Late summer

We're in the middle of what could almost be classified as an Iqaluit heat wave. It went up to 15C in town today. To put that in perspective there have been years where it has snowed during Labour Day weekend and while people might have wept, they were not at all surprised.

So for it to be at 15C today and with the forecast predicting it to stay that way until Tuesday, well, there are a lot of happy people around town. Assuming you can find many people around town, that is. This is pretty close to idea weather. It's late enough in the year that most of the bugs have gone. The tundra is starting to show fall colours and it quite beautiful. And what with it being a long weekend, well, everyone is out camping, off to a cabin or boating. Iqaluit wasn't a ghost town today, but it wasn't far off of it.

While we didn't go out camping or anything, we did decide to go out and do a bit of berry picking. So, a few pictures from a nice and relaxing Saturday just outside of Iqaluit. It's going to get cold soon enough and it won't be long before snow starts falling. But for the next few days, at least, we can enjoy a late summer blast of warmth in the north.

Last Five
1. Amsterdam - Crowded House
2. Shadows, part 2 - Blue Man Group
3. What about now - Robbie Robertson*
4. Den of thieves (live) - The Trews
5. Militia song - Camper van Beethoven


Simon Lono said...

What kind of berries do you pick?

Aida said...

very nice, is that grinnell?

towniebastard said...

The one with me and the inukshuk is in Grinnell. The others are off the Road to Nowhere. I cheated a bit with the pics...;)