Monday, September 19, 2005

So, what's new?

So it's been awhile. About, oh, six months. Apparently I hit the same wall that most bloggers do and simply stop writing. Which is a pity because it's not like the past six months have been dull or anything.

Let's see, there was:
1. A week in the Dominican Republic.
2. Cathy's return from the north
3. Packing and shipping of stuff for the move to Iqaluit.
4. Packing and moving more bloody stuff up north, including a car.
5. Quitting my job at The Express
6. Getting married.
7. Moving up to Iqaluit.
8. Trying to find a new job here.

Well, the last one isn't too exciting, but the others kept us hoping all summer. Easily the most hectic, most bizarre and yet most fun summer in ages.

My friend Corey pointed out that it would have been a good time to be blogging, to try and keep a record of everything that went on. But honestly, as good an idea as that is, there simply wasn't the time in the day. Plus, I had no internet access at home that summer (Aliant's much vaunted high-speed access wasn't available when I stayed with dad in Virginia Park, and not when myself and Cathy were living near the Village Mall. Colour me unimpressed).

So what's the latest? We're living in an apartment in Iqaluit. Cathy is happily teaching. I'm looking for work, which is going to require some patience. But it'll happen.

So what's next for this blog? Well, I'll try and keep abreast of what's happening back home. I dearly wish I could be covering the municipal election, although it looks a bit dull so far. Online local news outlets are a bit thin on content, alas. I'll also be writing observations of life in Iqaluit and the usual pop culture stuff. I have new TV to rant at. And Iqaluit does have theatres so I can still review movies, although some of them might be coming up a bit late.

In other words, I'll try and do better this time. Besides, I figure this might be as good as e-mail for keeping people up-to-date with things.

And for people who want to know what Iqaluit looks like, or how the wedding went, go here

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NL-ExPatriate said...

Try and get the documewntary MurderBall in if you can it is a great flic about the rivalry between the Canadian and US wheel chair rugby's quest for gold at the Athens Olympics.

I may have a bit of a slewed perspective because I'm in it, Captain Canada at the end (beginning)of the wave LOL. Also my brother in law is on the Canadian Wheel chair rugby team hes the Blond one singing O Canada of key :) Garett Hickling.

IMHO this has to be one of the most genuine movies I've ever seen. Real people talking about real stuff and situations.
Not that staged hollywood crap can you say Vanilla.