Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Speech from the drone

This is what I would have liked to have heard from today's Speech from the Throne by Lt. Governor Ed. Roberts:

"My government, in continuing its promise to be fiscally sound, has decided, effectively immediately, to eliminate the position of Lt. Governor, as it is a total waste of money and the person holding the job can't even manage to sound excited during one of the few moments of actual work we require of him during they year. Furthermore...

"Hey, wait a minute...this wasn't in the draft I got yesterday. What the fuck is going on, Danny?"

Ah, I can dream.

Considering the number of high profile people that Danny has bumped off in recently months - The Child and Youth Advocate, the Ombudsman (Oh, Frazer March is toast, we all know it) and a high ranking bureaucrat who was involved in putting together the budget (I'm blanking on her exact title and name), ol' Ed might want to start getting nervous.

Seriously though, the Speech from the Throne is one of those outdated bits of British democracy that's still kicking around for no good reason (Much like the post of Lt. Governor). Nothing of importance is ever announced. It's so maddeningly vague and dull that some reporters have been know to seriously consider launching themselves from the gallery onto the floor of the House in an attempt to end the misery. If they time the leap right, they might be able to take the Lt. Governor with them. Or at least a random MHA.

After I had finished shooting photos on the floor of the House of Assembly (this is only one of two times photographers and cameramen are allowed in the House. The other time is next week when the budget is announced) I went back to the reporter's room and lamented to one of them that a friend of mine got to cover the opening of the Communist Party Congress in Beijing and I was here covering the Speech from the Throne. Woo hoo.

"Look on the bright side," she said. "Both events are probably just as staged and devoid of any real newsworthy announcements."

Which, you know, is a fair point. However, at least Chris is in Beijing. Which has to count for something.


NL-ExPatriate said...


Would a referendum put an end to our misery at the hands of the Govenor general and Lt GG's?

Like really is the sky going to fall if we get rid of a figure head?

OOOh the paper work and laws have to be amended. Why, just fire them and leave their positions vacant. There are stil laws on the books saying no parking horses on main street?
Speaking of horses ASS's!

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