Saturday, October 23, 2010


Let us see if we can sum up the event of the day.

1. We did the last of the beginner curling clinics today and had a nice turn out despite the weather (more on that in a moment). It looks like another busy year at the club, which is good.

I also finally got to seriously try out my new curling shoes. Holy shit they're fast. They're easily the fastest curling shoes I've ever owned. Which is nice and all, but I have to adjust my slide because right now I'm rocketing out of the hack and my rocks are bombing through the house. So some tweaking will be required. My first game is Thursday night, so hopefully I'll get it fixed by then.

2. When I came back from curling, Cathy had our deck painted. Um, this wasn't on the planned list for today. She went out and bought deck paint, which the hardware store finally got on the sealift and then decided, because it was such a nice day, to paint the deck. The plan had been to buy the paint and do it next summer, but I guess the plans changed.

3. The plans changed at least in part because we're enjoying freakishly warm weather around here. I think the high today was +5C whereas the seasonal norm is around -4C. I had a conversation with someone this week where they were saying 25 years ago the bay would be frozen solid by this time of the year. Instead there were people out in their boats today, enjoying the weather.

Although reading a story like this in the New York Times about how Tea Party supporters are attacking anything to do with climate change science (the bible and Rush Limbaugh told them it's all a lie) does make me despair, just a little bit.

On the upside there are sunsets like this.

For some reason one of the two Coast Guard vessels currently anchored offshore moved over to the next bay. It's a bit odd as vessels don't normally anchor over there. But I'm not complaining as it adds to the shot.

4. We also went to see The Social Network this evening. I saw the movie when I was in Ottawa, but Cathy wanted to see it and I really liked it, so why not. But along with the movie the other big draw was the debut of the new digital projectors at Astro Theatre. I'm going to miss the soothing clacking of the old film projector in the booth, but holy shit the picture quality with the new machine is amazing. Seriously, I'm going to have to go and see more movies at Astro with quality that good.

They can also show 3-D movies, but guns and blackmail would be required before you would get me to sit through Jackass 3-D. I was mildly depressed that most people this evening seemed to be going to that movie instead of The Social Network.

Maybe they'll rerelease Avatar up here so I can finally get to see it properly in 3-D. Other than that, not sure how much money I'll be dropping on 3-D movies. The technology is still too uneven for me to embrace.

3-D movies, vets and Tim Hortons. My god, our little city is growing up.

Last Five
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2. P.S. I love you - The Beatles
3. In a big country - Big Country*
4. Raise the alarm - The Living End
5. Changes - David Bowie

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