Sunday, October 31, 2010


So that was a deeply quiet Hallowe'en after all. We had no idea how many kids we were going to get showing up to our house so we bought, in retrospect, silly amounts of candy and chocolate. We ended up getting around 40 kids to our door. Prior to buying all the candy I asked one of our neighbours up the street how many we should anticipate and she figured around 100-150.

So why the discrepancy? Quite simple really, and I'm kicking myself for not thinking about it. She lives near a bunch of townhouses. And not just any townhouses, but one with federal government employees in them. So yeah, she pulled in between 80-100 kids. But I live further down the hill, where the houses are further apart, so we got around 40.

Still, those are small numbers compared to Green Row. That's a section of Iqaluit downtown where there are lots of federal government employees and they're all townhouses. Oh yes, and near the school. I've heard horrifying numbers in excess of 200 kids hitting that place on Hallowe'en. Gah.

So our first Hallowe'en as homeowners was a relatively quiet affair. Well, in terms of kids. Boo lost his mind. Understand, the slightest noise outside can set him off. He's mellowed in the last year or so, but he's still quite the barker when someone knocks on the door. Now imagine that happening 20 or more times in the course of the evening. We had to barricade him in one of the rooms just so he wouldn't scare the crap out of the kids knocking on the door.

He seems quite tired this evening. All barked out, I imagine.

With Hallowe'en over the sprint to Christmas begins. They've already begun to cheat, of course. NorthMart has had Christmas chocolate for sale for weeks and their toy section is growing huge. And I'm pretty sure I saw a Christmas ad on TV this afternoon. Cathy's already ordered most of my gifts and I have her shopping about half done.

Trust me, you want to avoid having to pick up packages in Iqaluit's post office if at all possible in December. Jordon (an Iqaluit blogger and Post Master no less) is one seriously doomed bastard. Send pity his way, just not mail if you can help it.

Last Five
1. Johnny 99 (live) - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
2. I'm gonna find another you - John Mayer
3. Cobwebs - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
4. Stable song - Death Cab For Cutie
5. Snow is gone (live) - Josh Ritter*


Ron said...

It was like fighting the Chinese army - they just kept coming and coming. Wave after wave of little princesses and kittens. I kept giving them granola bars and candy necklaces but they wouldn't stop. I'd finish off one wave and another would be coming up the steps. By 8:30 my fingers could barely hold the packs of ramen noodles... it was horrible... I think I need PTSD councelling

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Last week we were up in Mayo and had satellite access- there were heaps of Christmas commercials on the tv already! Before we know it they are going to start them before Labour Day. Crazy.

Aida said...

yep, record breaking 200 candies in just over 30 minutes..insane! i didnt even get to close the door. i was a little peeved at adults asking for candies. the queen bitch in me told them off right away, thankfully we are not staying here for next halloween :)

awesome-ness on only 40 kids! Jordan *bragged* awhile back that they are all caught up on parcels which is awesome but i guess we shall see how he will survive december..hahaha

Trace said...

It was a quiet Halloween for us as well but I've been living in the same house for eight years, so I expected as much. Your mention of Boo reminded me of my dog Winnie. As you know we recently went on vacation to Newfoundland and left our dog with a friend who has a Shih Tzu. She also has a doorbell and every time it rings the dog goes ballistic with the barking. We've been home for awhile now and we don't have a doorbell but every time Winnie hears the sound of a doorbell on the TV, she now starts barking until she realizes there's no one at the door. Tigger(the cat)looks at her wondering what the fuss is about. Hope she finally clues in someday...LOL.

BTW, I really enjoyed my 10 days in St. John's. Got some great pictures. I took your advise and went to Hava Java, sat at the window enjoying my coffee while browsing The Scope looking for things to do and watching the people walk by. Thanks again!