Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Curling clinic

I feel it's worth mentioning for blog readers in Iqaluit that the curling season is going to be getting started, well, unofficially tomorrow. People have been busy at the club getting the place in shape, getting the ice down (I've been by several times and the its the best I've seen the ice in the six years I've been at the club) and preparing for the craziness that is the start of the season.

Curling officially begins next week. However, as we don't like to throw new curlers onto the ice without a bit of practice, we'll be having free and open clinics. The first is Thursday night from 7-9 pm. The second one is from 1-3 pm on Saturday. The first was supposed to be yesterday, but we couldn't get the ice ready in time. Ice makers are perfectionists, which has its pros and cons.

If you're at all interested in curling I highly recommend coming down for the clinics. They're a great introduction to the sport. And I always tell people if you're new to town it's hard to beat curling for a social sport and a way to get to know new people. If you like the sport, we can sign you up to a team. If not, no harm. All you need for the clinic (you can go to one or both if you feel like it) is some warm clothing, a comfortable pair of pants (tight jeans are bad) and a clean pair of indoor shoes.

Membership at the club for the year is $125, which is ridiculously low, probably the lowest of any curling club in Canada. Also, our first bonspiel of the year will be in a few weeks - November 5&6. That would be the First Air Bonspiel. I can't say what the door prizes are yet, because they're not confirmed, but First Air has always been a good sponsor and the prizes have been quite good.

So come on down.

Now, all I have to do is put together the pieces for my mixed curling team and my Dominion team. It's hard work. I miss my old team from last year. They're going to be a bitch to replace.

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