Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cute and disturbing

I did have plans to blog this evening, however I seem to be coming down with something. I've already taken Cold FX and some Advil in the hopes of beating this down before it becomes something more serious. Or perhaps I have Dump Flu or something, who knows.

However, in the interests of providing you, the patient reader, with some entertainment this evening, I give you two YouTube videos. One, a cute little thing. The other, the funniest, most disturbing thing The Simpsons has done in about 10 years. Enjoy.

Last Five
1. September Lilly - Hawksley Workman
2. New sensation - INXS*
3. I want you back again (live) - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
4. Can't stop now - Keane
5. You won't make a fool out of me - Flogging Molluy


Megan said...

Very nice. I hadn't seen the Simpsons opener yet: I read about it at work and didn't want YouTube to show up on my computer usage stats this week. I'm glad you posted it. Here's a story in the NYT.

Jaime said...

I'm surprised The Simpsons got away with depicting the Japanese animators so poorly. In "Itchy and Scratchy the Movie," Kent Brockman goes to the animation studio where they're making the Itchy and Scratchy movie and it shows the animators working at gun point in really poor conditions. Anyway, on the commentary they talk about how pissed off the animators were and they almost refused to animate that part.


Matthew said...

Dark Simpson intro.

I like it!