Friday, April 16, 2010

Wish list

Someone in the comments section asked if I got the snazzy Bose noise reduction headphone. Um, no. They're pretty and all, but one of the problems with an extended time being unemployed and, oh, buying a new house is that it tends to focus your spending habits into more practical, and less fun, areas.

So yes, I'd like to have them, but on the list of things we want/need, it might crack the top 20. When we got back from Florida Cathy and I sat down and did up a plan of attack of what we need to get over the next few months. The list is long and I doubt we'll get through it all this summer or even this year.

I mean, we could if we wanted to go into debt. We have a healthy line of credit that hasn't been touched and lots and lots of room on the Visa card. However, we've always tended to be people who try very hard to live within our means. We know people who have massive credit card debt, who basically pay the minimum amount on their cards each month and that's it. We're not those people. If we can't pay for it with cash on hand, and leave enough in reserve in case of emergency, then we don't buy it. We're silly that way.

So what's the wish list of things?

1. Sealift. After a couple of frustrating years dealing with NorthMart, we've decided to do our own this year. Yes, home delivery is nice and all, but I'm not sure we save all that much money with them, and the two month delay in it arriving last year was just ridiculous. Add to that the grief we had to go through when they were insistent on delivering it when we wanted another month delay so we could move into the new house first, and that's that.

We'll go to Ottawa in July, spend a few days hitting Costco, Wal-Mart and whatnot and getting enough supplies to do the winter. Then we'll drop it off at the I Shop For You people, who will then box it up and send it off to the sealift for us. At least that's the plan. If someone knows a better way of doing it, by all means let me know.

2. House stuff. It's a lovely house and all, but a house hasn't been built that a woman will not want to fix or change in some way once she moves in. Stage One includes a lot of paint, new curtains and possibly laminate flooring. We shall see how the budget holds up.

Oh, and we'll be hitting the local garage sales for a coffee and end tables, book shelves and possibly a desk.

3. Satellite internet. With NorthwesTel about to screw internet users in Iqaluit pretty hard in the next couple of months, we're clearly going to need an alternative. So I suspect we'll have to bite the bullet and get a dish. The cost is going to be about the same, but with comparable speed and, no fucking cap, the investment will be worth it.

4. Probably a PS3 to replaced the seemingly dead Blu-Ray player. sigh...

The next level is stuff that would be nice to have, but depends on funds.

5. New vehicle. Our current truck is about 10 years old. She's holding up pretty well, all things considered, but I wouldn't mind getting rid of her while she's doing all right. We need an AWD and something with a bit of clearance. And if you have to ask why, then try driving around town today. Hideous. Right now, a Honda CRV, Subaru Outback and a Chevy Equinox are on the short list. So was the Toyota RAV-4, but it's not like Toyota's enjoying a really good year.

Here's a question for some of you out there. Someone recommended to us we buy a two year old, just off-lease, vehicle. The reason is that truck will be "broken in" at a normal speed of, say, 100 km/h. It also performs better if broken in around that speed. A new vehicle will never get broken in at a higher speed in Iqaluit. Because if you're doing a 100km/h on the roads in town, well, you're achieving some kind of miracle.

So is there validity in that argument? Just curious.

6. A new computer for Cathy. Because she needs something new to kill.

7. I would like a new 46 inch LCD TV (Sony or Sharp, probably) with accompanying sound system (preferably Bose). Because that's what you buy when you're a guy with a new house. I'd go large than 46 inches, but that's the limit Cathy's set. I'm wondering about those new LED sets, but I'm not sure about them yet. I think that technology might be a bit too new to mess around with yet.

And that's the top 6. We could get into others. We were looking at a wood pellet stove, perhaps getting another dog at some point. There's a ton of books I'd like to have and so on and so forth. However, I think that'll do for for now.

Hmmm, I think I better add lottery win along with new job to the list of things I need...

Last Five
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2. You are what you love - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
3. On the lookout - Barenaked Ladies
4. Jet stream - Brendan Benson
5. Closer - Kings of Leon


Jackie S. Quire said...

My parents have a pellet stove and they ADORE IT.
Can you buy the pellets in Iqaluit?

towniebastard said...

I've never actually checked. It would be one of those things where we would buy a couple of hundred pounds of the pellets, ship them on the sealift and store them in the shed or under the house. As long as they're kept dry...

Karin said...

I think the main reason people buy cars coming off of a lease is normally the car will have warranty left on it that transfers to you. As well there are mileage restrictions on leases so the car won't have crazy high miles on it. Its a good idea if you can find one. We tried when we were looking at Subaru but realized that people don't lease Subaru - they keep them for eternity. Which is where I say -get a Subaru. We adore ours and plan on keeping it for eternity. This from a former VW fanatic.

The Perfect Storm said...

All Toyota all the time since one foray into Chrysler (I had a 1968 that was bullet proof, hence the foolishness of a young man's fancy for fast times).

These Toyota problems are the stuff of all car companies. They make the news because it's so unexpected of them. Imagine if we were hearing this about ... well Chryslers at the moment. Barely a yawn from the media, if we would have heard of it at all.

I like your suggestion about a gently used vehicle. Lots of merit in letting someone else eat the depreciation.

Looking at my cars, they would have all been fantastic deals for anyone had I been of a mind to let them go so early in their life. As it is, I am a "drive 'em until they're dust" kinda guy. Which Toyota has been good enough to foster in me.

The last Corolla for instance cracked 330K before the Ontario salt ate the body (the engine and drivetrain showned its age but also it's willingness for soldier on). The current Corolla is at that mileage and doesn't even strain. The bodywork is far better at this age too ...rock pitted mostly and rust finally making its appearance (the windshield is in serious need but then after 11 years, how do you justify that!!).

As a mark of confidence, I just renewed plates for another two years so there's something.

Get Toyota, and something just off lease from a grandmother or the like! But hurry. If I understand from all the norther blogs, you have scant little time to get everything into the pipeline before hand.


Nancy Crozier said...

We have the Subaru Outback and I highly recommend it. Mind you, we don't live in the north, but over nearly 7 years this car has taken us on countless camping trips in northern Ontario, and on a long, meandering trip from Toronto to Cape Breton and back through the States. Still going strong.

Simon Lono said...

Here's a thought. . . Costco are now dealers for Bose and they also have great LCD TVs. So get them all the same time and sealift up the works!

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

Are you still interested in buying my 42" flat screen LCD when I move? I'll sell it to you for a good price and it'd be June/July when I'd be giving 'er up. DM me on Twitter or something, I'll probably forget to come back to check this.