Sunday, April 25, 2010

New day

Tomorrow marks my first day back to work in awhile. Yes, I did have another job earlier this year, but I was working from home, with the head office thousands of kilometres away. As I've discovered, I don't like working from home. I know some people do, they like being able to set their own hours, be able to dress however they want and other perks. However, I just find it too distracting. Plus, it's a bit lonely. Not to mention working from home tended to emphasize some of my anti-social habits.

So yeah, walking into an office tomorrow, it's going to be nice. A bit nerve wracking, because that's always the case when you walk into a new office for the first time. You have new co-workers to get to know, new systems to learn and you want to make a good impression. I have to hit the ground running pretty hard over the next few weeks. Still, I am looking forward to it. It'll be nice to be doing something closer to my skill set.

As for this weekend, it was spent mostly just enjoying ourselves. Cathy is determined to try and get rid of as much of the snow as she can, so she spent time hacking away at the snow on our decks. Oh, and we also hit the first of what I'm sure will be many yard sales over the next few weeks. We're entering prime yard sale season in Iqaluit. Over the next two months there's some stuff we're hoping to pick up for the house. We managed to nab one of the big ones, well, in Cathy's mind, when we got a BBQ.

Now, I like a good BBQ every now and then, but Cathy does have a pretty large craving for it. Saturday was a touch brisk in town because of the wind, but there we were out on the deck trying to get the damn thing to work. Which we did, and the steaks were lovely.

Next up on the list - bookshelves, a desk, coffee and end tables and I'm sure some other things that I'm forgetting. You can get some good yard sales in town, what with people selling off a bunch of their stuff if they're moving out of town. It's cheaper to sell it and buy new stuff down south, rather than trying to ship it out. May and June are the months people typically move out as it's the end of the school year.

Having said that, it's still yard sales. You're just as likely to go to one filled with a lot of crap as you are where there is a lot of good stuff. Anyway, here's hoping the search goes well. Oh, and the first day at work. It would be nice if that went well also.

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