Friday, April 30, 2010

May contain language

I'm not saying this has been a bad week...far from it. It feels good to be back in a proper office and doing work again. I imagine it'll feel even better in a few weeks when that first check lands in the bank account. There's quite the back list of crass capitalist things I wish to do. Not the least of which is trying to make a dent to the horribly long back list I have at Chapters.

Having said all that, my brain is a tad mushy this evening. It's not use to, what's the word, working. Plus, we watched Pirate Radio this evening, and that was such a crushing disappointment that I suspect it killed off some brains cells, just from pure sadness that so many talented people made such a very, deeply mediocre movie.

So rather than the lengthy examination of Kick-Ass, which I was thinking about doing this evening, instead I decided to give my friend Sara a stroke. This is a clip from a British movie called In The Loop, which I now officially have to see. I believe it was also nominated for an Oscar for its writing. It's a montage of some of the swearing Malcolm Tucker does in the film. It is epic swearing, I must say, and not for the faint of heat. I am, however, suitably impressed.

I'm also reminded of something Warren Ellis wrote in his graphic novella "Crecy" (highly recommended, by the way). "We're not very pleasant people, the English. The French speak in music, but English only soars when we start being bloody 'orrible to people."

So sit back and watch the language soar, if you dare...

Oh, one last thing, I've directed people to my friend Seamus's blog from time to time. Well, I direct you to this post. It's a lovely rant, and "born-against Christian" is now my new favourite phrase. Cheers, my friend.

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SRD said...

The Loop's quite funny, although I fell asleep halfway through. Never really got into the _In the thick of it_ which is the TV show it was based on though.

Even better though, Malcom Tucker's column on the current election in the Grauniad: (sorry, forgot no URLs in comments).