Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice day

I know I probably should have watched the Junos this evening, but even with it being held in St. John's I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It just felt like it would be too depressing an experience to endure. I recognized so few of the nominees and I was kind of dreading turning it on and seeing all sorts of weird bits of Newfoundland humour mashed in there.

Yeah, I would have liked to have seen Metric perform, but I'm not certain it was worth enduring the whole thing. I also have some bitter memories of the last Junos held in St. John's. I remember having a press pass and getting to go to the show, figuring I would be back stage or something. Instead, they stuck us in the convention centre across the road. We never got to see much of the show, except on TV. And they cut the audio everytime someone came into be interviewed.

Let me assure you, the guys from Nickelback don't need to be interviewed more than once (God help me, I think they won four awards that evening). Although it was funny when Mike Bullard came in (I think he presented an award) and we were asked if we had any questions for Mike. Silence. I mean, people had a few token questions for even some of the relatively unknown acts. But for Mike, nothing. I mean, he wasn't a musician, he was a talk show host, and one of questionable talent. And man, he was pissed. I think he told us to go fuck ourselves. Kind of funny.

Anyway, that's my Juno memory from the last time the awards were held in St. John's. So I wasn't exactly eager to watch the show this evening.

Besides, I had a nice day up here today. It felt like spring for the first time. It was still below zero but you could feel the power in the sun. Stuff was melting everywhere and you could hear the gentle, persistent crackle of snow melting. After six months or so of snow, I got to say, that's music that beats anything I would have heard on the Junos this evening.

I'm sure I've said this before, but Iqaluit really is at its best this time of the year. It's finally warm enough to go outside without 15 layers on, the snow is a brilliant white with all the sun and projects something approaching warmth as opposed to the bitter cold we normally endure.

And because people ask for pictures from time to time, here are some I grabbed today.

Believe it or not, there is pavement underneath all that dirt. And I enjoy the rivers of water running down it, although it's still below freezing.

Cathy doing her part to get rid of some of the snow on our front porch. No jacket required.

Our neighbours down the street getting rid of some of the snow on the roof.

Boo enjoying a good romp in the snow.

Last Five
1. Rhythm and soul - Spoon
2. Boys from the county hell - The Pogues
3. I can't sleep - Sloan
4. Jungleland (live) - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
5. Beautiful day - U2*


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Boo looks like a crazed rabbit in that shot!

Jackie S. Quire said...

Agreed! Great action shot of Boo!

SRD said...

You can tell you're from Newfoundland - Christmas lights still up :) :)

towniebastard said...

If watching Boo bound and bounce through the snow when he's out for a walk doesn't put a smile on your face, then there's no hope for you. He really is a sight to see.

And Sara, the lights were actually up there when we bought the house. Plus they don't work. We'd love to get them down but A. We don't have a ladder to remove them, B. There's too much snow around the outside of the house right now to get at them safely and C. Taking lights down in -30C is not anybody's idea of fun.

However, they will come down this summer.

Allan from NL said...

This comment is more in relation to your previous post... I think I may have stumbled upon a way for you to profit from your website. My girlfriend who works at the Downhome Shop and Gallery informed me last night that she had someone come in to her store looking a townie bastard t-shirt... Not sure how big a market you'd have but just thought I'd pass this along!

Robert said...

Methinks you protest too much about the Junos - particularly since you didn't bother to watch them.

CARAS, the organization who organizes the awards is funded entirely by record companies. Their award show is about marketing the acts they have invested in. This is hardly a secret, nor are they embarrassed about it.

The public choses which artists to support, and via their sales choices determines who appears on the show. Drake, Buble, Bieber et al are very, very popular. They are also very good - the only 'indie' act on the show, Great Lake Swimmers looked like refugees from the ECMAs in contrast.

And if there was any cliched Newfoundland humour, I didn't see it. Even Kim Stockwood and Damnhait were restrained.

The Junos celebrate what is popular in Canada in a given year. The most popular Canadian acts played the show. Whether you like them is another thing.