Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Silly hats...

If I had been thinking, I would have started taking photos of all the retarded hats that were available at Disney. As it stands, these are the only ones I have. But for good measure, I add Cathy and her ears.

There was just a smidge of pirate stuff available. You'd almost think Disney had a pirate movie coming up or something.

I bought this hat. It might be completely retarded, but there you go. Cathy was so very proud that I did, although it was a bit hot wearing during the day.

Me with my hat, Cathy with ears. I think the sunglasses add the extra element of cool to the ensemble...


Jason said...

Funny Craig. I always take the picture of myself in the cap but I never have bought one at Disney bravo. My family and I were in the Orlando one the summer and as I always I marvel at Disney marketing. While I had no intrest really in pirate items I had to admit they were tempting. I love trying on the hats at the world pavillions at Epcot, I have numerous pictures over the years of wearing various world hats and of course the fadora from the Indiana Jones ride.

Ed Hollett said...

Not everyone looks good in hats.

But man, you give those ears a dignity. Maybe it's the beard that goes with the pirate theme.

But to tell the truth, I like the Sorcerer's Apprentice one. Obscure movie most people would forget. and the beard goes as well.

You've got one of the most enjoyable local blog. More people should be reading you.

towniebastard said...

Jason, I really wanted the fedora from the Indy ride, but I had already purchased by sorcerer's hat and felt one silly hat was enough at Disney. I was annoyed at the jackets, though. What's the sense of owning an Indiana Jones jacket when it says "Indiana Jones" on the actual jacket. That kind of sucks.

Ed, the best part about the hat can't be seen from this pic...the stars actually light up. There's a little battery pack in the brim and when you turn it on, they flash and light up. It's quite cool. And Fantasia (with the short on the Sorcerer's Apprentice) remains my favourite Disney film.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words. I'd blush, but I'm still only half awake and the dog is trying to chew on me.

Ed Hollett said...

Oooh electric lights!

Now there's a thing to bring out when you are half in the bag.

"Look, byes. Look."

[Flick off lights]

"Cool or what?"

At which point a charming woman will just think quietly to herself that she doesn't really need children what with you and the dog.

We've all been there.

colette said...

Ed, that's brilliant because that's exactly what would happen. I know his friends. Craig will be the only sober one in the bunch and will be able to catch the reactions for posterity. And post them here of course.

Owen's Mom said...

Colette - you forget, Craig drinks now.

Yup, bring the hat to the next gathering.

EuroDisney, 2014!!

Yeah, I'm pathetically excited about the idea of this.....

Ed Hollett said...

Maybe they could open a sort of theme park in Stephenville where the mill used to be.

We can all suggest rides and Craig can be in charge of the gift shop.

towniebastard said...

While I do have the occasional drink, it''s still a rarity and pretty much as to be a special occasion - ie. bachelor party, friend leaving. And sadly, it wouldn't require me to be "half in the bag" to break out the hat to show it off to people.

You are right about about Cathy sighing over me dragging out the hat, though.

And OM, Cathy is all in favour of Disney in 2014, but reiterates that EuroDisney really, really sucks. If we must go to one outside of North America, she's all in favour of the one in Japan.

vickyth said...

I totally love that sorcerer's hat! Not that I'd wear such a thing. I'm sure John would, though, along with his court robes, for Hallowe'en. It would have come in handy at the last Harry Potter book launch!