Sunday, August 20, 2006

Meet Boo

So after much consideration we've decided to go with Boo. However, I'm sure there will be no shortage of nicknames given to him. It was time we picked something, though. And thanks to everyone who made a suggestion.

He's learning quick. His second night was quieter than his first. He's learning to deal with us when we leave the apartment without making an ungodly racket. He's a good puppy so far.

On an unrelated matter, we got another lesson on the dangers of leaving our car doors unlocked. Some motherfucker put a rotting dead fish in the car. Don't know when, at some point between 5 p.m. Saturday and 5 p.m. Sunday. Oh, and they junmped on the roof. We managed to pop that back into place, though. I cleaned up the mess.

So yeah, we're liking the new place despite it being small. It's feeling homey right now what with most stuff put away and the pictures up on the wall. But I am worried about the car. It's the only one parked along the side of the building. None of the other tenants in the building have cars, so ours is at risk of becoming a lovely target.

Hopefully they're isolated incidents, but twice in a little more than a week is making me a bit concerned.


His Nibs said...

"I've had it with the motherfucking fish in a motherfucking car"?

Sorry to hear of this problem - I suspect it won't stop, but hope it does. Camping out in it with a camera isn't an option, is it? :(

On a more pleasant note, I heartily recommend a movie called 'Little Miss Sunshine", which is by far the funnest and best crafted movie I've seen in a Very Long Time. A drama, a comedy, a cultural critique, it's brilliant. Brilliant!

Here's a song by Sufjan Stevens which is on the equally wonderful soundtrack.

Now go see the film.


John Mutford said...

They could have put worse in the car...

On another note. Like the name, though if he ever gets out accidently, you're going to feel mighty silly calling out, "Boo!" to get him back. We learned that lesson this past week. Our cat, Touton went missing and didn't realize how silly we sounded yelling out his name until about 100 hungry Newfoundlanders showed up at the door. (Btw, the cat finally came back).

towniebastard said...

As a matter of fact, I was pretty pissed off at the motherfucking fish in the motherfucking car. And you're right, John, there was worse things they could put in the car. The thing is, I'm a little concerned I might find out before it's all said and done.

As for the issue with your cat, I'm glad it came back, but I'm surprised only 100 Newfoundlanders showed up at the door. Lord know there is enough kicking around town. The other day I had to go to the garage (again with the motherfucking car) and was wearing a Joey t-shirt (from Living Planet) and my Express jacket.

Needless to say, it caught the eye of the two people behind the counter who were both from St. John's.

Bunnie & Dave said...

Sorry we missed out on naming the puppy...
If he ever gets a sister or brother, I like "QT", short for cutie pie. Also, "Hershey" for Hershey kisses, and "Cotton" because Jacob said he was 'soft'.
Re your problem with the vandals, get your lock replaced. Can't you park closer to the building???
Cathy, we enjoyed your company at Charleston Lake.
Happy puppy training!
D & B

Mireille Sampson said...

I think the whole yelling out "Boo!" is one of the appealing factors of the name. Many people will likely jump and small children will run and hide thinking you are the boogey man.