Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Post-vacation blues

It's not so much that I'm depressed after the end of my vacation. Well, maybe a touch. It's just that I wish perhaps not quite so much annoying stuff had not happened since I got back. I kind of need another vacation after dealing with the crap of the last few days.

The first problem is that I quickly discovered after getting home that someone got into our car while we were away. Here's the dilemma we face with the car in town. We can lock up the doors and run the risk that someone might smash out a window to try and get inside, or we can leave the doors unlock with nothing of value inside the car. They might mess it up a bit, but at least we're not fixing broken glass.

The later is what we've been opting for and what we did over vacation. And, sure enough, someone got into the car, messed around a bit, tossed the CD-Rs around the car, but didn't take anything. What they did do, while poking around the car, was hit the emergency blinkers. Tragically, they didn't think to turn them off while leaving. So they kept on blinking right until the battery died.

So that meant getting someone from a garage to come by and give me a boost, which is about what you think it would cost living in Iqaluit. Oh, and presumably the same person that went into the car also thoughtfully let some of the air out of two of the tires. But he did leave just enough to get to a garage and get them reinflated.

So that was a nuisance.

Last night's problem was...messier.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that the movers were less than gentle with the deep freeze when they brought it to the new apartment. However, it was working when they finally got it here and it was still working when I left to go on vacation.

Sadly, it stopped working at some point shortly after that.

So yeah, that was fun last night when I discovered that. The orange light was still on the freezer and I didn't have any need to get anything in it the first couple of days, so I didn't think to open it. And when I did, well, it wasn't nice. So that was a couple of hours spent tossing some very messy stuff and trying to get the smell out of the apartment.

Today was spent talking to the moving company over the possibility that perhaps one of their movers might have damaged the freezer (specifically, when he turned it upside down while moving it) and what they might be willing to do to compensate us. Those discussions are ongoing.

So yeah, quite the homecoming. On the upside, Cathy gets the puppy tomorrow. It appears (and this is still apparently subject to change as the breeder still hasn't made up her mind) that we're getting the male puppy. We'll put photos up of the new addition during the weekend.


Kirsten said...

Might I delicately suggest that the puppy may prove to be messier still than the two incidents you list here?

towniebastard said...

I assure you, Kirsten, the thought had not escaped my mind.

Way Way Up said...

I can totally sympathize with your dilemma. In my last community I had my house broken into. I nailed the back door shut, thinking that would be the end of it. The second time, though they came in through my back window......arrrgh.

John Mutford said...

Tenant's insurance (believe it or not) often covers food spoilage due to a freezer mishap- though what it does to your premiums, I'm not sure.