Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Icy conditions

The temperature is getting ready to start slowing crawling back down again, although it was above zero again today. The city essentially shut down for the morning as crews tried to clear off the amount of ice on the roads. That meant schools, and both the territorial and federal government offices closed.

Iqaluit, where everything stays open when it's -55C, but closes when it's +2C. We had the windows in our house open today because it was so stuffy inside.

As well, we haven't closed because of a blizzard yet this year. We've closed for icy roads. We've closed from smoke from a dump fire. But not for a blizzard. I'm trying to remember the last serious blizzard we've had in town. Obviously nothing in 2010/11 winter so far. And there wasn't one during the winter of 2009/10.

Funny thing about this part of the north, we don't get that many blizzards or big storms. Places down south tend to get a lot more blizzards than us. Having said that, watch as we get 10 in the next month. If things remain this mild you've got to figure we'll get nailed at some point.

Nothing much else to report this evening. I was going to comment about the World Junior Hockey final, but Cathy advises me that it would be cruel and bastard-like. I just don't like hockey very much. And, for that matter, I don't like how Canadians behave during big hockey games. It's like everyone's IQ takes a collective 40 point hit or something.

I'm not saying I'm glad Canada lost; I am saying I'm glad the World Juniors is over with. Oh, and I can curse TSN just a little bit for blowing what should be a fairly minor hockey tournament completely out of proportion to reality. Jesus, you'd think it was the Olympics or something.

Huh, it seems I did talk about a bit after all. But at least I wasn't a smug bastard about it or anything.

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Anonymous said...

TSN's coverage of the world juniors jumped the shark years ago. It was actually wild listening to a muted dejected Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire at the end of the game.