Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Monday

So today is apparently the most depressing day of the year. Thankfully Sarah Hampson smacks around the whole idea pretty thoroughly, which I'm grateful for.

After all, no one wants to read that their birthday is the most depressing day of the whole year.

Suggesting that my birthday is a cause for wanting to slit your wrists is, well, a touch depressing. And pseudo-science or not, as Hampson writes, my birthday has always been low key. The formulation may be junk science, but the reality is that people aren't in a party mood in the middle of January. Which is fine. My birthday always tends to be low key. But the most depressing day of the year? Well, that's a bit harsh.

But it wasn't a bad day for me. Work was low key and unstressful, Cathy took me out to supper and baked a lovely chocolate mint cake for me. I got gifts. I must have had 50 people wish me a happy birthday on Facebook. And most of them were even nice and the ones that weren't, well, I'll get the bastards later when they're not expecting it.

But if that's the most depressing day I'll have this year, then I'll take that in a heartbeat. I'd consult my horoscope about it, but apparently I'm now a Sagittarius, so who the hell knows what they coming year will bring.

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Melodie said...

Yes, I only recently understood in the last few years that people don't 'do things' in winter in general. January and February are probably the worst months for trying to make plans. I didn't get it, until I realized it's because people don't want to go outside in the winter.

It's so much easier now...because I myself don't have to worry about going out as much in the winter either. I also don't expect people to make's a lot better with understanding.

Spring will 'hopefully' come early this yr...!!! Need a break from this cold weather. lol. (And I missed Oct. Nov. and most of Dec. lol).

Brad Cabana said...

Happy Birthday,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ! Glad you have a good day! Today was a joyous day for me...a new addition to the family... a great niece!


Clare said...

In other news you have been once again nominated for Best Blog in the Nunies. Voting is now open at Nunavut Blogs! and the House

gpc said...

Ha, I wish I were still a Sagittarius, you lucky dog. Happy birthday!

Matthew said...

Happy Birthday!

Chocolate Mint Cake! Yummy!

We need more of these !!!!!!