Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blizzards and Nunies

God love Environment Canada and their mazing predictive abilities. What else could predict a blizzard as it was happening. Seriously, yesterday and for most of the morning they were calling for some snow, and some high winds. We weren't forecast to get a blizzard and yet, as I stare out the window, all I can see is a wall of swirling white.

Oh, and the winds are kicking up high enough that they nearly yanked the screen door on the side of our house off and send it flying off to Greenland. We've managed to fix it. Hopefully it holds. There really is nothing quite like high winds when you live in a house pitched on top of some metal poles.

As someone posted up on Facebook, there is nothing more wasted than a blizzard on a Sunday. Tomorrow's forecast is back to sunny and cold.

By the way, for those wondering about the state of the weather up here, other than the blizzard, its gotten colder over the last week or so, but I think we're still above seasonal norms. The inner bay is frozen enough that snowmobiles have been zipping back and forth on it. However, the floe edge is still within eye sight. It nearly the end of January so I'm imagining that edge isn't going to go too much further out on the bay. One of the potentially interesting consequences of that could be more polar bear sighting. Apparently there was one near Apex this week. Polar bears sometimes hang out around the floe edge trying to grab seals. They normally give Iqaluit a wide berth, but if there are seals near town, that may change. I guess we'll see.

One other thing of note - voting for the Nunies are currently under way. If you've already voted for me, my thanks. If you haven't, you have until 5 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 25 to cast your vote. I'm currently sitting in third place, so apparently assistance would be lovely. Also, and while I have a fondness for all the best new blog, I would be remiss if I didn't encourage you to take a look at A Deep Fried Slice of Awesome by my good friend, Nicole. As he blog title would indicate, she is awesome, although not deep fried the last time I checked.

And now I will do what any sensible guy would do on a stormy Sunday...go watch some football and hope the snow and wind don't screw up the satellite dish. So far, so good.

Last Five
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2. Well-alright - Spoon
3. I'm not the one - The Black Keys
4. Too many angels (live) - Jackson Browne
5. Where or when - Diana Krall

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In Iqaluit said...

There seems to be two kinds of people: people who bitch about Environment Canada and people who bitch about people bitching about the weather.

I am most certainly in the former.

I can appreciate that meteorology, or whatever the general term, is not an exact science. But wow, to not even be close at predicting some weather? WTF?

Since being a homeowner and no longer living downtown in a big building, I take the weather seriously.

In Iqaluit

PS: Good luck with the Nunies!
PPS: I am part of the latter group too. They suck.