Monday, May 24, 2010

Still alive

So no, not dead at all, although I've been sick since Saturday with a head cold. My first one in quite some time. I'm trying to recall the last time I felt this crappy and I really can't. I'd like to say it's healthy living, but I doubt it's that. Although it certainly helped that there were few cases of the flu kicking around the last nine months or so. I've been skeptical about flu shots for years, but hell, that mass innoculation during the H1N1 scare certainly did the trick for putting a damper on the flu this winter.

But if I have to be honest, it's not just the cold keeping me from writing. Hell, I feel worse today, but here I am doing this anyway. It's also not my reoccurring blogger's block. I have, right now, anywhere from 2-4 posts I could write up (Facebook security, Bono's bad back, evolving summer plans, why all religions are wrong and abortion - get over it, it's just a phase). I just don't feel like doing it. And the proof of that is I haven't checked Statcounter or Empire Avenue since Wednesday either. You know when I'm not tracking how many people are visiting the blog or what my stock price is, you're in trouble.

I think it simply might be blogging old age. This blog is now officially five years old. The first post was February/March 2005. In that time I have written 1,167 blog posts (including this one) and at some point I think that starts to wear you down a bit. I notice most of the Nunavut bloggers aren't updating as much these days either.

I'm not saying this blog is dead. Far from it. However, I can see the days of me trying to blog every day coming to an end. I just don't know if I can keep it up. That might change, especially if I get bored and lonely up here all by myself this summer.

So, as always, subject to change. But this blog may be evolving to an every second day format. We'll see. Although hopefully there won't be anymore five day gaps in-between posts. I'll try and do better.

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Anonymous said...

O, I hope you feel better soon! Wow, I'd be so sad for your blog to end...omg! Haha! I love northern blogs, and I love how you (and Clare) have the oldest blogs. It's cool how you guys love the arctic so much! You really do seem to make a nice life up there.

Ya, tell your other northern friends to update their blogs! lol.

Get better soon!

Way Way Up said...

Regarding the comment by Anonymous -

Hear Hear!!!