Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The best laid of plans

Well, I'm still sick and Advil Cold and Sinus, SinuTab and Cold FX are barely making a dent into it. I'd take a sick day, but as I'm not hired permanently yet at the new job, whenever I take a day off, I don't get paid for it. I'm not annoyed about that, by the way. I rarely take sick days, so this is just bad timing. It also means I'm heading to work drugged up and contagious. So if you see me around town, fleeing in the other direction is not a bad idea.

Just to add to the fun, I read news today that is altering our summer plans...again. Thanks to Bono's back, we won't be running down to Toronto on July 3 to catch U2 play. So not only do we not miss a band both both of us have wanted to see play live for years, but we're also going to be out a couple of hundred dollars. Yes, I can get a refund on the price of the ticket, about $100 each, but that's assuming we paid that much for the tickets. Since we bought them through an online broker, let's just say we paid a bit more than that and leave it be.

I'm kind of losing track of how many times our plans for this summer have changed, but let's see if I can sum up.

1. From about 2006 until November 2009 the plan was to go to Costa Rica for two weeks and then spend a week in San Diego. We (well, mostly me) were going to go to the San Diego Comic Con, something I've wanted to do for 20 years or more. That plan up and died when we bought the house and realized there was no way we would have the money to be able to afford that.

2. Back-up plan was then to spend a couple of weeks around Southern Ontario and Quebec. We bought tickets to see U2, we have friends in Toronto, Petawawa and Montreal we'd like to see, plus we would do our sea lift order. Spending two weeks down there up and died when it took longer than anticipated for me to land a new job, and then realizing it was very unlikely a new employer was going to give me two weeks off.

3. The new plan was then to head down to Ontario for a few days during Canada Day weekend. It would give us a chance to do a mad dash sea lift order and then nip down to Toronto to catch U2. That up and died when Bono's back up and died.

4. The new plan now is to run down to Ottawa, do a sea lift and that's that. The one good thing still remaining is we will be in Ottawa on Canada Day. If you have to be somewhere for that day, Ottawa is a pretty good place. Plus, we're trying to convince some of our friends to come to Ottawa for the day. It'll be a little insane, but hopefully it will work out.

You'd have to think that one thing for this summer's vacation plans will work out. It's also going to produce a first. Since we moved here nearly five years ago, we've only spent partial summers in Iqaluit. I've spent more time here than Cathy, just because she gets the entire summer off. But with the exception of five days in Ottawa, my entire summer will be in Iqaluit.

So I guess I better find a way to entertain myself this summer as I'm going to be spending a lot of time here. Plus, Cathy is going to be out from June 30 until about August 22. I'm going to have some time on my hands.

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dups said...

Am flying back from Edmonton just to spend Canada Day in Ottawa with you and Cathy and if we can convince Lori, Scott and others. PARTY ON!

You are also invited to Montreal... time for us to show you MONTREAL and the jazz fest....