Sunday, September 30, 2007

Downward spiral

I think I'm encountering something I haven't in years - I'm getting burnt out on writing. The main reason for that is the book, which currently stands around 64,000 words. I'm debating taking a break to try and recharge the batteries. However, I'm of two minds on it. One past is saying I need to keep slogging away and get it finished because if I stop for a couple of weeks, I might never get going again. And really, to write that many words and not finish would be tragic.

On the other hand, if I keep at it when I'm starting to feel burnt out, I'm risking the book going completely off the rails. We'll see. But the last 5,000 words or so have been a hard slough. I haven't been as certain where the characters are going or what's going to happen next.

Perhaps that also accounts for the lack of blogging. I've always blogged as a means of keeping myself sane. If I'm not writing constantly, then I get very contrary. However, the book is taking care of the writing urge.

Then there are other factors. There's not much happening around town right now to write about. I'm utterly disappointed with the provincial election. There's nothing I've seen or read so far that's really got me excited enough to comment.

So that's why things have been quiet. And it also appears to be the reason for the hit on my traffic numbers. September saw the lowest number of visitors to my blog in more than a year. Only 3,200 visitors, less than 4,000 page loads.

Anyway, I'll try and be more entertaining in October and get a few more people to swing by.

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Way Way Up said...

3200 visitors......I'm jealous. I think I got a little over 2800 for September which is the highest total since I started tracking. Love the blog. Check it everyday.