Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Creationism in Ontario

Several months I went a little binky on Creationism. A couple of "museums" were opening up which featured alternatives to evolution by putting forward arguments in favour of creationism. I mocked it because it deserved to be mocked. I admit my tolerance for most religions is a touch on the weak side. It's something I've tried to be more understanding as I've gotten older.

But creationism just sets me off. Because it's trying to pass of ignorance and myth as something scientific and logical. Which is bullshit.

So when I read this story I was ready to have a small conniption. I was ready to proclaim loud and high that if you were in Ontario and voted for the Tories, then you were an idiot. Because any leader that would advocate teaching creationism anywhere in the school system, then you didn't deserve to be leader of a province. I'm not even getting into the funding of private religious schools, which I know is contentious in Ontario. But no premier should be advocate teaching ignorance in schools.

However, I calmed down a bit and I was curious if the original Globe story was perhaps misreporting things. It seemed a bit oddly written. I don't know if The Globe misreported Tory or if the Conservatives quickly scrambled to clarify things. But this CBC Story says creationism cold not be taught in any science class and have the school qualify for public funding. Which is a nice save, since I suspect it would have blown up on John Tory pretty damn quick.

I don't know much about Tory, as I don't care much about Ontario politics. Still, I think with comments like these, he bears closer watching.

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