Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Now this is kind of evil.

For those not clicking through on the link, Bruce Springsteen has announced a fall tour with the E Street Band to support his new record Magic. And one of the two shows in Canada he's doing is in Ottawa on October 14.

There are only a handful of musical acts I would desperately like to see before either I die or they give performing. That would be U2, Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen. And not just Springsteen solo. No, I want to see him perform with the whole E Street Band. Which, of course, he's doing. And since he's not likely to pull a White Stripes and come to Iqaluit, this is as close as I'm going to get to see him perform.

So now comes the decision - do I fly down to Ottawa in October to see Springsteen play? It might seem obvious. If I've always wanted to see him play, then go to the show. However, there is the little matter of cost. Assuming I can get a ticket, let's figure they're going to be around $100 each. Then there's a hotel room, meals, and other costs. Which are all still fairly minor.

No, the real killer will be the plane ticket. Unless there's a seat sale between now and when tickets go on sale Sept. 17, a return ticket will cost $1,500. And even though I'm making good money these days, that's still enough to make me twitch. A weekend in Ottawa to see Springsteen will cost something in the area of more than $2,000.


Believe it or not, Cathy has said if i want to go, then I can. She won't be since she has no interest in seeing Springsteen play. The deal, and it's quite reasonable, is that's my solo trip out for the next year. I was debating going to Montreal for St. Patrick's day next year or going to New York for a Comicon in April. But if I do this trip, then those are out.

Decisions, decisions.

Of course, I'd be seeing Springsteen by myself, which will kind of suck. I might see if I can convince my father to fly up and see the show. Or perhaps OM might be interested in popping down from Petawawa for the evening and joining me.

We shall see. Damn, why couldn't Springsteen be playing in New York next April...

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