Monday, May 16, 2016

Tumblr Restart

I got an email from Tumblr the other day congratulating me on the 4th anniversary of my tumblr. Which is mildly amusing as I’ve done nothing much with it. When I started it I had vague plans of doing something geeky with it, and maybe do something Iqaluit-related. Photos around town, that sort of thing.
Instead, I spend most of my time just stalking comic art tumblrs. Which is fine and all, it just seems like it is a bit of a waste of space.
So with the 4th anniversary notice, I had a few ideas. First, I might as well scrap the idea of putting up Iqaluit photos on tumblr. I simply don’t take many pictures around town. I thought my iPhone might change that, but nope, not so much.
Secondly, on the blog I can see the noticeable hit in traffic stats anytime I talk about anything geeky. People tune into my blog to read about Northern life, our latest news, or politics, not so much with the geekery. 
And third, when I was recently doing an inventory of the geek stuff I have in my den, I noticed that I’m actually building a decent comic art collection. It’s not massive by any means, but I now have several dozen pieces, between the ones hanging on my wall, in sketch books and in a portfolio I got for Christmas. And not very many people see it…or at least see it and can kind of appreciate it.
Lord knows the internet doesn’t need another comic book/geek tumblr, but what the hell. I have opinions, I have some nice art and I follow some pretty decent comic tumblrs. So that’s what that space is going to be from now on. My geekery. This space will cover the rest of my life and interests.
So expect pics of the art I own, probably one or two a week. That should get me pretty close to a year. I think I might also include stories that go with the art. In most cases there’s a con story, or my interactions with the artist that goes along with it. Or at least lessons to be learned about buying art on eBay.
Then reposts of art I like, and thoughts on geek TV, movies, etc. For example, the last episode of Castle just aired. I haven’t watched it yet, but I have a few thoughts on the show. Maybe tomorrow night, after I watch it.
This is assuming I can make this work, of course. Tumblr is graphics heavy, obviously, and Xplornet, my ISP, really doesn’t like, well, much of anything given the speeds I’ve been getting lately. But it really doesn’t like Tumblr. 
So let’s see how it goes…
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