Friday, May 13, 2016

Comics for sale

This is more housekeeping than anything else. So if you don't live in Iqaluit, I suspect it's not going to be of much use to you. I'm going to link to this from Twitter (I'm @towniebastard if you're stumbling onto this from elsewhere) so local folks can look at the list. DM me if you're interested.

About once a year I take a look at my graphic novel shelf and figure out if there's some stuff that can go. I might have upgraded to a hardcover from a trade paperback. The book might have gotten good reviews, but it just didn't capture me for some reason. It's not that it's bad, just not what I'm looking for.

That means the books are better off in a new home rather than staying and occupying precious, and limited, shelf space.

So this is this year's purge. As a rule I don't ask much, just that they find new homes.

1, Manifest Destiny: Vol. 1 (Image) - Dinger/Roberts/Geini - In 1804 Lewis and Clark set out on an expedition to explore the uncharted American Frontier. This is the story of what they discovered lurking in the wilds. ($2)

2. God is Dead: Vol. 1 (Avatar) - Hickman/Costa/Amorim - The Gods have returned. They're kinda pissed. Adult content ($2)

3. Godzilla: Vol. 1 (IDW) - Swierczynski/Gane - A top notch team is assembled to take down monster-sized threats. But can you take down Godzilla? ($2)

4. Deadly Class: Vol. 1 (Image) - Remender/Craig/Loughridge - It's 1987 and a homeless kid is invited to join a special develop the next generation of assassins. ($2)

5. Hellblazer: Setting Sun (Vertigo) - Ellis/Various - It's John Constantine. Bastardness will ensue. ($2)

6. X-Men: Primer (Marvel) - Wood/Copiel/Lopez - The female members of the X-Men band together to fight an ancient evil ($2)

7. Wolverine (Marvel) - Claremont/Miller/Smith - The classic story with Wolverine in Japan fighting ninja, plus the follow-up stories in the regular X-Men series. ($3)

8. Deadpool Classic: Vol. 9 (Marvel) - Simone/Udon Studios - It's Deadpool. Stuff gets blown up, shot and general chaos ensues. ($3)

9. Northerlanders: Vol. 1 and 2 (Vertigo) - Wood/Kelly/Gianfelice - Vikings. Lots of vikings. ($2 each)

10. Umbral: Vol. 1 (Image) - Johnston/Mitten - Dark fantasy/adventure series. ($2)

11. Uncanny: Vol. 1 (Dynamite) - Diggle/Campbell - What if you could steal someones memories and abilities for a limited time? What if you were a complete screw-up? ($2)

12. Spider-Men (Marvel) - Bendis/Pichelli - Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man meets Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man). Lots of fun. ($3)

13. Birds of Prey: Vol. 7 (DC) - Simone/Scott - Great series, tons of fun. Accidentally bought two copies. ($2)

14. Indestructible Hulk: Vol 1 and 2 (HC) (DC) - Waid/Yu/Simonson - The Hulk goes and works for SHIELD. Plus, Simonsons draws Thor and Hulk, so that's cool. ($7 for both)

15. Chew: Vol. 1-6 (Image) - Layman/Guillory - Tony CHu is a Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impression from whatever he eats. It also makes him a hell of a detective, albeit one who has to eat strange things to solve crimes. Funny and weird. Sold as a set. ($12)

16. Agents of Atlas (Marvel HC) - Forgotten heroes of the 50s reunite under SHEILD to fight a menace only they can stop. New work plus reprints of classic comics...$5

17. I have the complete run of Matt Fraction's Iron Man. I'm debating it. If you're interested, let me know. 12 books, mostly hardcover. Sold only as a set.

18. I also have nine volumes of Atomic Robo that I'm thinking of parting with. Again, if interested, let me know. Sold only as a set.

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