Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ah, spring...

We all celebrate the arrival of spring in different ways. For some of you down south, perhaps it's breaking out shorts or skirts and sitting outside of coffee shops sipping lattes. And then there's how we roll in Iqaluit...

Cathy actually took out the deck furniture last weekend in a fit of optimism and was punished for it by getting about 30 cm of snow this past week. Mother Nature can be a vengeful bitch when she wants to be. I understand that much snow may not seem a lot, but consider two things:

1. This is still an arctic desert. We actually don't get much snow in the run of a year.
2. It's the end of April. Thirty cm of snow sucks at this time of the year no matter which way you cut it.

And it's not like we're entirely out of the woods. I recall there was a blizzard in Iqaluit back in 2004 that hit in May. Guy actually lost his life as he was caught out on the land. Still today it's sunny and beautiful and warm, hovering right around 0C. The bay looks like a speedway with all the snowmobiles zipping back and forth across it.

So yeah, this is nice. In a few weeks it'll be insane mucky and potholes will show up everywhere. But for right now, we're just enjoying the rare combination of sun, snow and warmth.

Last Five
1. Be the one - The Ting Tings
2. Something so strong (live) - Crowded House
3. Through & through & through - Joel Plaskett
4. Four kicks - Kings of Leon
5. Old shoes - Tom Waits*


John, Perth AU said...

Wow, an actual book! That's *so* twentieth century.

Food Cruiser said...

I stumbled across your blog. I especially liked your post on Moving to Iqaluit. After reading it, I believe I already know the answer but I'll ask the question anyway: Are there any good restaurants in the area?

Also, what is quintessential Nunavut food?

Way Way Up said...

I recall a wintery dump in August 2008 up in Arctic Bay, definitely freaky for that time of year (to me at least). Even down here in Fort Mac, we got smacked with a foot of snow in late April a couple years ago. What a kick in the jewels that was.