Thursday, February 23, 2012

The guy in front

So, funny thing...I went to a press conference and I had this guy sitting in front of me.

Yeah, so that was unexpected. Went to the press conference, grabbed a chair and next think I know the prime minister of Canada is sitting in front of me. Gotta confess, the urge to noggie him just hit me and was almost overwhelming there for a few minutes. Thankfully it passed. I suspect that goes into the books as one of those "five seconds of amusement, several years of pain" ideas.

So yeah, there he was. Oh, and for the person who asked on Facebook, no, he didn't smell evil. The woman speaking is Nunavut's premier, who is a touch on the short side.

This is actually the first time I've been around this prime minister. I've meet/been around two previous ones - Martin and Chretien - but never Harper. It's interesting in that he really does not come across well in photos and video. In person he didn't come across as stiff and awkward. There was a warmth and charm there. It's very odd. Something clearly gets lost in the transition from real life to video.

The other amusing thing was after the press conference myself and the people I went to the press conference with were stranded because none of us had our cars today. So along walks the mayor, notices we're waiting for a taxi and offers a lift. So we all climb into her pick-up and get a ride. She was also apologizing for the dog fur as I was climbing over a piece of baleen from a whale that she had in the back seat. Gotta love the north...

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That is awesome. Love the noogie comment!!

Little Red Hen said...

You could have kicked his chair a few times by "accident"

Way Way Up said...

I would have asked him if the NDP leader is really the obnoxious buffoon she appears to be.

The Perfect Storm said...

I would have told him "..that seat is saved", if only to see his reaction.