Sunday, December 04, 2011

Next year

I've debated what I'm going to do with this blog. It's currently sitting here like a rather uncomfortable blob, not doing much. People keep coming by and poking it with a stick, but typical of most blobs, it's not doing much, so they kind of shuffle away.

It's not dead, although evidence is obviously quite to the contrary given how long it's been since I've posted. I've decided to give it one last try, starting in January. We're going to relaunch with a plan. And if it doesn't work, well, I'll let you know if the blog is resembling Norwegian parrot so you don't have to keep coming back and asking what's happening.

So, January or bust. Tune in and see if I can pull a rabbit out of my hat.


Adam Snider said...

I feel you, man. I've been feeling the same way about my blog, lately.

Anonymous said...

Well, speaking as an occasional reader, I'm always entertained when I catch up. You write well, and if it's something you need to do, do it. Maybe the new season of Doyle will spur you on.

SRD said...


Anonymous said...

it's nice to see you're still around. Hope all is well with you!

Linn said...

Your blog has always been entertaining reading and a real window into life in the north. It would be just awful if you gave it up now. I was cheered to see you returning in January and can't wait.

The Perfect Storm said...

Quite agree with those who've proceeded me - your writing is always a worthwhile read.

As they say: "Never give up! Never surrender!" (or the like). You're not done yet.

Slumps are something that come so that they can be worked back out of. It's the process and insight gained of working back out of a slump that are important.

Just like you need your fears, you need a slump to come along once in a while too. They tell you that the furniture inside needs rearranging. They are the mind's way of saying that something "else" is in there, in the way, needing time and the subconscious to develop.

It's not just empty space in there either. You would have seen it for that and walked away for good, long ago.

That modicum of insight as taken me a lifetime to realize. I'm not simply procrastinating (at least not all the time). When I am paying attention, I realize I can't quite put my finger on something, until "it" finally just pops me one in the nose and I see the light.

Hang in there. Don't put a quota on it. Don't invest emotional energy into it. Just be open to the "ah ha" moment that is gradually coming together.