Monday, August 02, 2010

Movie festival

Not much posting around these parts the last few days. As this is a long weekend in most parts of Canada (not St. John's and the Yukon) I have been very, very busy doing absolutely nothing. We're talking some deep and serious sloth. I even slept in until 10 am a few mornings, something I rarely do these days. Apparently I really needed to do very little this weekend. Which is fine, I think you need weekends like that to recharge he batteries. Plus, if the next month goes the way I think it will sleep and rest are going to be precious commodities.

I can recall a time when August was a slow month. Not so much for me right now.

So yes, part of this weekend was spent watching movies that Cathy hates. No couples agree on all movies, but when we sit down to watch a movie together, we do kind of have to agree on it. Otherwise Cathy starts cross-stitching or doing her sudoko and I just get insanely restless and twitchy. Or start making snarky comments about the movie. We very nearly broke up early in our relationship after I killed her buzz after the chick flick Kate and Leopold ("You realize given the logic of this movie when we first met Kate she'd been having sex with her great, great grandson for years. That's kind of creepy.")

So yes, if we don't both like it, no sense in torturing the other. And with Cathy back in Newfoundland, now is an excellent time to get caught up and things that she doesn't want to watch. I finished the Babylon 5 marathon on the weekend, so that's out of the way. I've also watched Henry V, Hamlet, Alien and Aliens and have a few more scheduled before she comes back in less than three weeks. This evening's feature will be Hardboiled, because I can't think of anything more Cathy unfriendly than a subtitled Hong Kong action flick where they kill half the people on the island at least once, and other half several times.

And that's it, really. The relaxation comes to an end tomorrow and the time between now and Labour Day is going to be one long sprint. But at least for this evening I can enjoy watching lots of people go boom in entertaining and cinematic ways.

Last Five
1. Whole lotta losin' - Monsters of Folk
2. Come pick me up - Ryan Adams*
3. Rude boy don't cry - Bedouin Soundclash
4. Requiem for a dying song - Flogging Molly
5. Yesterday (live) - Paul McCartney

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