Monday, August 23, 2010

End of summer

So yes, sorry about the prolonged absence. Certainly not planned, but there you go. Friday I just had nothing to blog about. Saturday was when Cathy was supposed to come in, but a blanket of St. John's-level fog descended on Iqaluit meaning all flights into the town were cancelled, much to my frustration and Cathy's. She was stuck in Montreal for the day and, in something as rare as a lottery win, Cathy found an Air Canada employee who was helpful and made sure she had a hotel room and meal vouchers for her stay.

I spent Saturday watching Justice League Unlimited on DVD. You know, I'd never watched the whole 3rd season before. Aside from a few flops, there's a reasonably clever build up to the season finale. And the episode "This Little Piggy" put a big ol' smile on my face. Any episode that has Wonder Woman turned into a pig by an evil sorceress, an android wandering the streets calling "Suey", Zatanna, B'wanna Beast, three musical numbers including Batman singing "Am I Blue?" is going to be a hit with me. On a crappy day, it made me feel better.

Anyway, Cathy finally managed to make it on Sunday. Granted, the airport was chaos because of all the people coming in that day to make up for the delayed flights on Saturday, but we got her out of there eventually. And taking the wise advice from an anonymous commenter over the weekend, I opted to not blog yesterday.

Cathy's glad to be back home with her stuff. Although I found it amusing that she did pretty much what I knew she was going to do. I did clean the house before she arrived, but she spent part of yesterday and today and cleaning the house from my cleaning. Because I have one level of clean and Cathy has an entirely different level of clean that is more...thorough. I could choose other words, but thorough will do just lovely for right now.

We're settling into the end of summer phase, alas. Cathy is back to school this Friday even if it will be another week or so after that before she's back with the kids. The weather had been cooling off the past week or so. Hell, I have a meeting of the curling club executive this weekend to prepare for the upcoming season.

Yes, fall is in the air, even though it's still August. That was a quick summer. Then again, they tend to be that way up here...

Last Five
1. Shenandoah - Bruce Springsteen
2. The golden state - John Doe and Kathleen Edwards*
3. Weird divide - The Shins
4. Beautiful boy - John Harper
5. The diamond church street choir - The Gaslight Anthem


Morena said...

Air Canada paid for a hotel and meals on a weather cancellation?? Wow, have things changed since I worked for that company.

Trace said...

I'm driving to St. John's Saturday and was wondering if you could suggest any must see atractions. This will be my first time. Looking forward to the ferry ride!

SRD said...

stop in cupids and see the dig:

towniebastard said...

Hmmm, let's see...

There's the usual stuff. Go to Signal Hill, I recommend around sunset and get a view of the city and ocean. Cape Spear just to say you've been there. I'd take an afternoon and just wander around the harbour front, Water Street and Duckworth Street and soak up the atomosphere.

People will say go to George St., which is fine and all, but I'd also go to the Duke of Duckworth, which is a great pub or see if anyone is playing at the Ship or the Rose and Thistle. You might get lucky and Ron Hynes will be playing. If he is, drop the $10 and go.

Try and get to the Rooms, which some people consider an architectural nightmare, but I think you'll find some interesting stuff there. Pick up a copy of The Scope and see what events are happening around town. You'll probably find a half dozen interesting things you'll want to do.

Go to Fred's records and pick up some NL music. I recommend Sean Panting, Colleen Power and Mark Bragg, but ask the guys at the counter and they'll help you along. Eat at Pi, which is a great pizza place and Zapatas, which is a great Mexican restaurant. Ask others for places to eat downtown. Go to Hava Java, have a coffee and soak up what downtown is like.

There are, I'm sure, other things to do in St. John's, but downtown is where most of the fun stuff happens. Concentrate your time down there when you're in St. John's (there's lots to do outside of town, but I'm just listing things to do in town) and you won't be disappointed.

Trace said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff to do. Hope I can do most of it. Thanks so much for the info. It's more than I expected but very appreciated.