Saturday, September 07, 2013

Curling once more...

To today is Mass Registration Day in Iqaluit. I'm absolutely certain I've written about it before, but for those not willing to dig through the archives, it's simply this: If you're a club, society, or whatever in Iqaluit, today's the day you sit at table and try to convince people that you're cool and they should join you. There are dozens of groups, everything from the Humane Society, to the Scouts, to different martial arts groups, etc.

It's actually a pretty cool event. I've gone each year looking for something interesting to join. I rarely do, however. Because of the activity/health kick I'm on these days, I want something physically active to do. But most of the activity groups in town don't really interest me. Badminton, broomball, karate, etc...don't really do it for me. I'm not sure what would, but nothing grabbed my attention.

Which meant I went to my old fallback...curling.

I've been getting a bit frustrated with curling the last couple of years and keep grumbling that this year was the year I was going to break from it. Last season was particularly maddening in that we were knocked from the playoffs when half the team didn't show up. I'm just arrogant enough when it comes to curling that I'm convinced I could go out there by myself and one other person and beat most teams in town. That's not a completely justified arrogance, by the way. There are plenty of good curlers around who could whip me, no problem But I just want to get out there and play, and having that not happen....well, I was in a pretty foul mood. Forfeiting is a deeply shitty way to end the season.

And curling should be fun. I should be getting a kick out of it, enjoying the strategy and the skill and the rare sport that I can profess some ability at. Cathy has been gently suggesting that maybe I should take some time away from it.

But I want to be doing something and going to the gym five days a week isn't an option as I can only spend so much time on an elliptical before my sanity starts to fray. So we'll see how it goes. I've already said I either want to be on a serious Dominion team or put together a pretty rock solid rec league team. I've already had two people express an interest in the rec team, so maybe that's what happen. Time will tell.

However, if you're in town and a brilliant curler, by all means, give me a shout. The Dominion is in Halifax next year and I'd like to go. It'd be nice to go to a national curling event so close to my family and friends. Maybe I could persuade a few to come on up and see me play.

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John, Canberra AU said...

I need to dig up my "Men With Brooms" TV episodes so I can laugh at the difference between a rink, a sheet, and a club. Man, I miss that show.

I have a sister in Halifax with her husband and Canada-born daughter. Last time I visited we went to the Titanic cemetery and saw the grave marker for "J Dawson", supposedly where Cameron got the character's name. Lots of flowers left there.

A surprising amount to do and see in the Halifax area. If you go to the Fisheries Museum in Lunenberg, don't be surprised if you hear a Newfie accent or two!