Tuesday, October 09, 2012

New York, Day 2

Patton Oswalt does the comedy bit about New York, a city that he's not exactly in love with, that I'm quite fond of. Basically, he says that New York transforms is skull into a cage, his brain into a rat and New York is a bit stick poking the rat through the bars all day long.

For the record, he's not exactly wrong. And he lives in LA, not exactly a quiet city. Now imagine landing here after living in Iqaluit. Yeah, Day 2 did quite the job on the senses. Let's take a moment to consider:

1. Smell - Well, for good or ill, New York does a number on them. Whether it's the urine on the way down to the subway, the occasional bathing optional person you run into while riding the subway or the smells coming out of all the restaurants, there's no shortage of things to cause the nose to freak out.

2. Sight - Times Square should all I need to say, but there are dozens of things every hour that give you pause. Like the Japanese guy in a powder blue tuxedo riding a bike, the guy where a pink jacket, pink capri pant and diamond earings on the subway or any other thing.

3. Hearing -  There is no quiet place in New York...not even in Central Park. Although I did get to experience my first cabby screaming profanities out a car window while leaning on his horn (not at me, I might add). It was a special moment.

4. Taste - I'm not a foodie and I'm more concerned with eating cheaply than anything else. But today I had my first decent cappacino, a marvelous chocolate chip cookie and a small bowl of proper macaroni and cheese. The stuff with some crunch on top and not that liquidy crap (hello, Patricia) that some like. And it was a quiet moment of happiness.

5. Touch - Not so much with touching, although New York does make me wish I had web shooters like Spider-Man, but instead of web fluid, it shot out hand sanatizier.

Even with being over-whelmed, it was a good day. I got the non-comic shopping portion done. I managed to go to FAO Schwartz and not buy anything, so someone call the pope about that miracle. I discovered I now wear a size large shirt, which is nice and my waist size is a 36, which is probably still a touch to large, but compared to before, I'll take it.

It was a good day. Tomorrow, the Museum of Modern Art, I may go up a tall building and my first comic book related event.


Anonymous said...

Please don't forget the scotch at the Waldorf.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I am picturing you as Tom Hanks in Big, staying at the St. James Hotel on Times Square. Hell, you even went to FAO Schwartz!

John, Perth AU said...

There was an interview in today's NY Times with a woman who provides costumes and make-up for Comi-con. If you see a black, slightly overweight Scarlet Witch, that's her. I have fond memories of the Soup'n'Burger diner at Broadway and Astor Place, near NYU. Also for Forbidden Planet comics, a few blocks up Broadway at 13th, near Union Square, where my sister and cousin both work.

towniebastard said...

1. I think if I buy a Scotch at the Waldorf I won't be able to buy anything at Comic Con.

2. Everytime I go to FAO I have to fight the urge to hop on that keyboard. There was a line-up of kids this time, so pushing them aside and jumping on it seemed....rude. Also managed to resist the workshop where you could create your own muppet.

3. John, I bet I will see here there. I walked past Forbidden Planet as hitting comic stores when I'm going to spend 4 days about comic fanatics seemed like overkill.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Can't wait for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Lol no its not that expensive. Hence my recc. It's awesome ambience. Cheers nonetheless I wish I was in NYC this month