Thursday, March 01, 2012

Big hearts

1. So yes, still around. I think it's safe to say I might have given up writing about the Doyle. I just haven't been enjoying this season and writing week in and week out about how frustrating the show is clearly means it's time for me to move on. Maybe I'll check back at the end of the season to see if things are getting any better for me.

Besides, the new schedule kind of occupies a lot of my time. I'm currently going to the gym five days a week. Tuesdays I curl and Fridays I take as a day of rest. So right now on Wednesday I'm getting home from the gym around 8:45. I could catch Doyle at 9, but a new show, "Nunavut Quest" comes on then on APTN. Watched the first episode this week. Really, a dogsled race across the top of Baffin Island beats Doyle hands down for my entertainment value. I highly recommend hunting it down and taking a look.

2. As has been obvious to those paying attention to the news, we had another crappy week up here. It feels like not that long ago I was writing about a devastating fire up here and this weekend we had another one, burning down a series of townhouse that left dozens homeless. Last year people were relatively lucky, or as lucky as you can be when losing almost least there was no loss of life last year.

We're not so lucky this time. Two people are missing and presumed dead. It's a small town and the rumour mill is going full tilt on what happened, but I won't repeat what I've heard happen. That's up to the RCMP to figure out.

You know, I still get a fair amount of email from people thinking about moving up here. Despite the FAQ, people still want to talk to someone and get a feel for what the place is like. I understand. I always emphasize it's a major commitment; be sure before you take the plunge. And the single question I get asked the most is "We've read all about the crime rate. Will we be safe moving there?"

It would be foolish for me to deny that Iqaluit has problems. It does and there is crime and much of it is so pointless and frustrating that it makes you want to scream sometimes. But I think you can also tell a lot about a community by how it comes together in the face of tragedy. If that's the case, then Iqaluit has one of the biggest hearts of any place I've ever been to. When the mayor has to go and tell people to please stop donating stuff because they have more than they will ever use mere days after the fire, I think that says something.

It's still not over, either. There's a fundraiser tomorrow at the Legion to help out. People have been donating to the Red Cross, or buying gift cards for NorthMart and Arctic Ventures so those left homeless can go and buy what they need. Companies have kicked in plane tickets, free cargo and cash to help out.

There's a good heart here. Maybe it doesn't get to shine as much as we might all wish it would, and that it wouldn't take tragedy for everyone to realize it. But never doubt that it's here.

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Anonymous said...

The show is maddening at times but as soon as I heard Jake say to Hood "Nothing say promotion like a brand new suit from Randy River" this week, I laughed my head off and immediately thought of you. I do enjoy your commentary.

Adam Snider said...

God, yes, I also laughed incredibly loudly at that line.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your review of Doyle every week..hope you bring It back

John, Perth AU said...

Oh, let the poor soul confront his own mortality in peace. He's still skirting the issue and proving his vitality, not ready to admit that the world will someday go on without him just as it goes on without his old friend Glenn. He's smart and will figure out what's important in life eventually, as I'm sure his wife is patiently reminding him. Have fun while you can.

psc said...

There was an article in the Telegram a little while ago where the writer compared criticizing "Doyle" to speaking out against the seal hunt
To do either you are viewed as anti-Newfoundland

The article reminded me of a post you made some time ago that reflected much the same attitude

I couldn't fine the recent article but here's a link to another similar type of thing