Monday, January 09, 2012

Three things

1. You may have noticed there are now five walruses in the header to the blog. Cathy very thoughtfully went and bought me a couple of walruses for Christmas. I know the little guys have had their fans in the past and I've gotten my share of emails asking where they might be able to buy them. Well, I haven't checked since Christmas, but I know before the holidays they had probably a dozen or so of them left at Malikkaat, an excellent local crafts store here in town (what with the walruses, the boots I bought for Cathy and a few other things for family, they did good business off us this season).

They don't have much of a website, but the basic contact information can be found here. They retail for around $150 if you're curious. Sometimes a bit more, depending on how big they are or if they have accessories (like a drum or hockey stick).

2. This story on a couple in their early 20s trying to navigate having a successful relationship while dealing with the fact that they both have Autism spectrum disorder would be a fascinating enough read on it's own. However, it's the correction at the very end of the story that's become the stuff of internet legend in the last few days. Go here to read about what's being called "the best NYT correction ever."

For that matter, read it and be impressed by the lengths the Times goes though to make sure they get the story right. I know the Times has taken a beating in recent years, accused of being "liberal" or some such foolishness. I just consider it to be a great newspaper.

3. I've put this up on Facebook and Twitter already, but this made me laugh. And given the near overwhelming urge to vomit or move to Mars one feels when looking at the Republican presidential debates, I think laughter is a good thing. Ladies and gentlemen, the Canada Party - America, But Better.

Last Five
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The Perfect Storm said...

Every once in a while a hilarious spoof of Canada & America's unique relationship surfaces.

Every time I have to smile at the inventive and clever ways those behind them seem to be able to stroke that Canadian ego covertly (and we secretly hope an American will take notice and give us an extra pat on the head as well).

Mind you, we're pretty easy to please, and I say that most humbly.

Really. More humble by a darn sight than those lot south of us that's for sure.