Monday, March 21, 2011

Ah spring...

I remember, this is almost 14 years ago now, when I was with in South Korea and I experienced spring for the first time on March 21. You grow up in Newfoundland you don't get spring. Odds are you're going to get Shelia's Brush, which is a late winter, early spring blizzard that's going to dump 40 cm of snow on you. But even at the best of times, it was going to be snow/rain, greyness and muck. Sunshine was a dream and expecting actual greenery was cause for you to spend some time at the lovel mental health facilities at the Waterford.

But on the first day of spring, back in '97, it was warm, there was greenery and cherry blossoms were in bloom. It was magical. I must have wandered around Busan with a stunned look on my face for days.

I mention this because today is the first full day of spring. As I type, Environment Canada is reporting that it is -33C outside with a windchill of -53C. Yesterday wasn't much better, by the way. I think the windchill was around -47C.

The idea that this is spring is some cruel joke the gods are playing on us. That it's bright and sunny outside with plenty of daylight is just some extra spice to the joke. You could almost be fooled into thinking it was warming up outside. Until you went out there and frostbite set in in a matter of minutes.

Having said all that, Cathy was getting cabin fever yesterday, having been sick most of the last week. So me, her, the dog and the new digital went for a jaunt to get some air, which promptly seared our lungs and caused our skin to dry out in about 10 seconds. However, in that brief period of time, I managed to take some pictures. Only cost me two fingers, but what the hell. One must suffer for their art.

Last Five
1. Got my own thing - Liz Phair
2. Answering bell - Ryan Adams
3. Kitty - The Pogues
4. Bigfoot (live) - The Weakerthans
5. Boston - Vampire Weekend


Melodie said...

You describe my feelings EXACTLY!!! My conditions are not even as harsh as yours are/were...but still. I feel the same way. I have never experienced 'spring' in March though. hehe.

One day though...I'll be experiencing 'summer' EVERYDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

CRAIG, those pictures are awesome, Doug and I need to purchase a new camera, would you recommend this one and if so should we purchase in Canada or wait til we go to the States next week. Totally agree with your Doyle reviews, spot on. See Ya soon. Sheila P.

towniebastard said...

I'd recommend most of the Canon Powershots, as they're good cameras. This one in particular is a higher end one, but you can find ones almost as good that will probably cost less. I just like my high end new toys...;)

I'd also say get it before you go south. I found in Florida last year that food and clothing were cheaper than Canada, but electronics were the same price, perhaps even a touch more.

BayGirl said...

I was in total awe the first time I got to experience an actual spring, as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it for the next 4 years...and am sorely missing it this year being back on The Rock. It's a snow day today...big surprise :)

...but at least it isn't -50ish. Brrrr!