Thursday, May 10, 2007


Odd the things that can make one happy. Before we moved up here we bought most of the things we thought we would need to get by. One of them was a vacuum. However, while we bought most of our things new (we were flush with wedding cash) we opted to go second hand on the vacuum. Not really sure why. I think we were on the tale end of a fairly impressive shopping spree at that point and we're starting to feel a touch squeamish about how horrific the impending Visa bill was going to be.

So we dropped $50 or so on the vacuum. And after getting up here we quickly discovered that it sucked. Or, rather, it really didn't suck all that well. This has been a source of displeasure for quite sometime. Perhaps more so in recent months. While Boo doesn't shed much, he is still a dog so there is fur coming off of him.

So Cathy figured that since we will likely never make as much money as we are right now, why not get the vacuum of her dreams (do women dream of vacuums)? So about 10 days ago we ordered a Dyson, apparently the King of Vacuums.

This is worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. For those of you living in the north, you might want to add Costco to your list of businesses that have very reasonable shipping rates. Shipping on the vacuum was less than $30, which is a remarkably good deal. Some items, I believe, actually have free shipping. Yes, membership is still needed to order things, but odds are if you don't have a Costco membership you have a friend or relative who does.

Secondly, the shipping was impressively fast. We got the vacuum less 10 days (or about seven working days) after ordering it. For an item that large, that's impressive. Actually, we've been getting good shipping lately. A Chapters order arrived in a bizarrely quick for days after we placed the order. Who knows. I'd say good things about Canada Post, except it was FedEx that shipped the vacuum.

Anyway, Cathy vacuumed this evening and was quite pleased with all the dirt and grime that came up from the floor and carpet. So I guess it was a good purchase.


Kara and Matt said...

I think it is odd that I have hit a place in my life where I am jealous over another womans vacuum...

Anonymous said...

ah, the compelling lives of bloggers. Why am I drawn to reading this?

towniebastard said...

Kara, I've got nothing for you. The only thing odder is the glee that Cathy had last night pointing out to me all the dirt inside the vacuum.

And Anon, I do try and mix it up. This was silly personal, then we had some entertainment and then some politics.

But yeah, this was silly. But you were still sucked in...;)

colette said...

Damnit, I've wanted one for several years and I'm not particularly domestic except in the kitchen. Ah yes, the day I got my Kitchenaid (the old-fashioned professional model not the dirt-cheap trendy one Kitchenaid is pimping out today) and finally finished the kitchen remodel....

BTW, I think it's time for some more Boo pictures. Dog curmudgeons can just ignore them. I'm glad Boo worked out for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Sucked in I know!

Is there some sort of drug to keep me from looking at your blog multiple times a day?

Maybe I should start my own blog, so people can hear about how nice my coffee is this morning, or my thoughts on softball, of the frequency of my bowel movements.

Anonymous said...

Dyson rocks - My sister has one and I've been lusting after one for a while now, but Hubby thoughtfully pointed out how stupid it would be to drop that sort of money on a vaccum considereing the fact that we generally just tear carpet out and replace it with laminate flooring.

And Collette - the "trendy" version of the KitchenAid sucks big ones - a friend of mine is on her fourth one since April 2. They keep conking out on her. One had shredded gears, one didn't hold up to making meringue and the third one... I can't remember.


Mrs. Smith said...

Okay I'll jump on. We have the purple one. It works wonders on wood floors and picks up pet hair like you wouldn't believe. Its borderline disturbing how much crap that thing sucks out of the rugs.
Makes me feel like a dirty person. ;-)
Mrs. Smith

colette said...

The new Kitchenaids--the ones that you generally see on the market right now--have plastic gears, which is one reason why they're shit. My next purely recreational present to myself is going to be a ceramic knife. Just because. I'm not a knife snob--my lower-end Henckels and President's Choice knives work just fine thank you--but I just love the concept of a ceramic knife. (BTW, tankerbelle lands today. Let the drinking commence.....)

towniebastard said...

There will be a massive Boo update in the next week or so to mark his first birthday.

Yes, it will be too nauseatingly cute for words.